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Jordans 8

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Does anyone have the scoop on when Jordans 8 on 8th, SE is going to open? I am dying to check it out!

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  1. I work down the street from Jordans 8. They have signs up for hiring waitstaff and most of the construction seems done...the paper is off the windows and most of the tables/chairs/furnishing seems to be in place.

    Do you happen to know what the deal is going to be with this place? Menu? Price range? Open for lunch and dinner? Hoping it will be reasonable since there is barely anything reasonable in that area anymore...especially for lunch. But the design seems pretty swank so I imagine it will be a slightly higher end.

    I heard something awhile back about it being a steak place but that hasn't been confirmed.

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      Thanks for the info!! (I am clearly pretty excited for this place to open up) I don't think it will help your lunch issue though. What I read is that it will be steak downstairs and sushi upstairs so I doubt it will be inexpensive. My guess would be that he is probably going to try to draw in some of the Belga Cafe type crowd (it is the same guy who owns Tapatinis).

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        Belga seems to be raking it in, so the competition will be good. I also heard that Jack's Restaurant II (from 17th st nw) is moving in down the street at the old miller reporting building.

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          I heard the same thing. But I also heard that its not a sure thing yet because the owner is trying to figure out if he'll be stretched too thin.

          What would be really excellent is for some really great sandwich shop/deli type place to open up around there. Then I would be in heaven!

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            ALSO---a little birdie told me that Matchbox is thinking of opening a location next door to Jordans 8 but I have no confirmation on this...only rumor

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              I wonder where. There doesn't seem to be any space next door.

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            Well sushi is always good. The only other place where I get sushi is Sizzling Express...and that's not cutting it!

        2. The grand opening is on the 30th. Was at a private event tonight with some very tasty sushi.

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            Oh awesome--thanks for the info!

          2. this is a japanese steak house right? like hibachi?

            1. Has anyone been yet? Help out with a description of the menu or food beyond just steak and sushi?

              I don't think they are open for lunch or at least not yet because I work on the same street and they have been closed every day this month for lunch.

              I tried searching for a website or menu but couldn't find anything. I['m really curious to see if this place will last as just a dinner spot.

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                im dying for some info on this, all of my searches have ended up with zilch!

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                  We went last week. The upstairs is a sushi bar, with an upscale "lounge" area and some outdoor seating on the back roof. They have a lot of big plasma TVs playing Cirque du Soleil stuff with the magical glowing children, etc. The downstairs is not a Japanese-style steakhouse or hibachi, as you might think, but rather an American-grill style restaurant, with steaks, pork chops, etc. and bowls of sweet potatoes, etc., as group sides. The two floors have entirely separate menus. It seems like they're still working out the details, but the night we were there, you could get sushi sent downstairs, but not meat sent upstairs. So you have to decide what you want to eat before you sit down.

                  We ate upstairs and had only sushi. They offer a pretty standard array of nigiri and maki, and a few "signature" rolls, like the "Tapatini," which includes olives. I thought the quality of the sushi was pretty good. Not quite up to Sushi Taro standards (my favorite), but very good overall. They also offer an array of sake, including some very high end sakes. The upstairs had a bit of a high-end club/lounge/downbeat-chill vibe, and I wonder if they're not trying to entice some after-hours big-spenders to stop by for $300 bottles of sake as they trance out to the Cirque.

                  The service is obviously a work-in-progress, but was pleasant and friendly. The hostess, who tooks us to our table upstairs, walks slower than any human I have ever seen. If she moved any slower, she would have actually begun to travel backwards through time, arriving at our table just at the Dawn of Man. Not that it's important, it was just an odd experience.

                  Overall, I'd recommend it and it's a good addition to the neighborhood (yay sushi). We didn't eat downstrairs, so I can't speak to how good the grill is.

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                    sounds weird and even less appealing after that review. its sounds a little like Perrys, which usually doesnt impress me.

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                      Lol thanks Jim for your review. I cracked up at the description of the hostess.

                      Sounds like an interesting place. How much was the sushi approximatly?

                      Are they owned by the Tapatini's folks?

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                        It is a little like Perry's, although I thought the sushi was better. I believe that it is owned by the same folks that own Tapatini's.

                        The sushi prices seemed average to me. I think we ended up spending about $35 per person, with drinks. I seem to remember that the nigiri and regular rolls were in the $8 range, and the signature rolls were $11 to $13. The pieces were average size, although the signature rolls were pretty big.

                        I liked it, although my Cirque-tolerance is very low -- it's a sushi place more in the vein of Dragonfly, than a traditional Japanese-style place like Makoto or Sushi Taro. And it's great to have a decent sushi place on the Hill.

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                          my problem is, its hard enough to do one thing really great, like a steakhouse, but to try and do 2 things really great seems to always fall short. i would probably give it a try though.

                2. Well my girlfriend and I tried Jordan's 8 this tuesday and lets just say there were at least 8 reasons not to go again. I know the resturaunt is new and I went there with the attitude that it probably had some kinks that needed to be worked out.

                  The problems started when we met the hostess. She looked at us and asked us where we would like to be seated. She didn't inform us that upstairs was loungey and downstairs was kinda like the steakhouse part of the place. She just looked at us kinda blankly and sent us upstairs.

                  The interior is pretty cool and for that reason we might be back for drinks or a little bit of sushi. Upstairs is a narrow with a very tiny lounge, a sushi bar, and a regular bar with tables set all the way down the wall. This is where our problems began. I fully expected for their to be service glitches, but it was more than that. it seemed our waitress hadn't even been properly trained. There was at least 20 minutes of not being checked on between our drinks and our salad and another 30 minutes between that and sushi. All around us people were complaining, one couple had been there over and hour and hlaf and the waitress was arguing with them about who's fault it was they had been there so long. Then the line of the night happened when the waitress said, "Well the reason its taking so long is that you two ordered too much, I mean yall ordered 10 pieces." Wow.

                  Overall the "signature salad" was nice. Nice greens with vinagarette, dried cranberries, and some blue cheese. i would ahve like to see something crunchy in there, like some pine nuts walnuts, pecan something, would have been nice.

                  Second, the sushi. Overall, the quality of the sushi was pretty good. I think a less than sushi taro, but actually pretty good. Please avoid the "special rolls". They are priced outrageously. $15-18 is not a good deal. We got one roll with lobster, asparagus, beef, herbs and mushrooms and it was terrible. the beer completely overwhelemd eveything. For $18 it was terrible. We got three other rolls, spicey tuna, philadelphia and a crab with tuna and advocado and they all three were very good.

                  I live on the Hill so i really do cheer for all Hill places and 8th Street really is an interesting place, but Jordans 8 needs some work before I go again.

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                    Was the special roll with beer or beef? I was confused by your post...but either sounds weird/interesting to me! :)

                    It's too bad that this place is getting only so-so reviews. Maybe its the curse of that spot.

                  2. Y'all 31cricketagee is being kind (and dead on): perhaps good for a drink or for some sushi but full on dinner, hell no.

                    We went there on Sat and like 31c, we only heard there was outdoor and upstairs seating from our waiter b/c I'd remarked how I thought the place would be bigger. As Sat's weather was stunning, that option would have been nice. Strike 1.

                    The food, one one word: bland. I had steak, my friend had salmon. If you're a steak place, one hopes you're gonna kick ass at it. Not the case, no flavor at all. We ordered a bunch of sides (spinach, garlic truffle mashed, risotto, wild mushroom ragout). No seasoning, no flavor, nothing. We started with grilled calamari which was again bland. I'm an ok cook but I go out to eat to try stuff I myself couldn't make or create- for the amount we spent (roughly 20-24 for entrees, 5 for each side), even a little salt would be nice.....or pepper. Which we weren't offered by the waitstaff or busser either (though we saw another table offered). I even got a lobster claw side ($9). Now why would you serve a plain lobster claw w/o any drawn butter? I wondered that too and asked for it....and then had to ask for it again....and we finally wound up with 2 containers for a single claw (obvious lack of communication b/t busser and waitstaff). I don't care but on a busy night, that could turn itself into worse for a table.

                    The service was ok...I'm in the business myself, fine dining, so I try to be understanding. If you're serving steak, you always check in to see how the customer likes it. And if one was busy, again, I'd understand. But there was no checking in and the guy had 3-4 tables including us. If you're weeded with 3-4 tables, you need another job.

                    We also did a bottle of wine: there is nothing really middle of the road. There is Echlon PN and Merlot, which are ok at roughly $23...then the prices jump to $80-100 for something decent. Cmon...

                    All in all-I don't think I'll be back. Maybe for a seat at the bar for a beer and a few pieces of sushi, but a full on dinner....nope. 126 before tip is way too much for bland and just ok. I'll travel to Rays in Arlington first and deal with the crazy seating because I know I'll the steak will be worth the hike.

                    1. Update on Jordans 8: I live a couple of blocks away...finally decided to try it out...AWESOME. Food was delicious. Staff was friendly and very attentive. I went there Friday night and saw that there were two hostesses, neither of which seemed spacey. We were seated right away. Apparantly the hostess that was mentioned in Mighty Jim's post has since moved on to another job lol.
                      Highly recommend the crunchy shrimp roll, the scallops, and chocolate cake :) My better half recommends the filet.

                      1. yeah, the owner is a rude and unprofessional jackass. the place is in se...can you say hood.

                        good luck

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                          Woooaaahhh...now I haven't been to Jordan's 8 yet (even though I work on the same street) and I certainly don't doubt the owner is a jerk (I've been hearing mixed reviews about service) but I wouldn't exactly call 8th Street in Eastern Market/Barracks Row the "hood." It might be in SE but it's an up and coming neighborhood which has seen a major boom in restaurants, shops, and new residents.

                          I've been inside Jordan's 8 and at least the decor looks schnazzy. I just am a little skeptical of a place with such a mixed vision and their inability to execute both sides. Just my opinion.......

                          1. re: Elyssa

                            Don't take the bait, Elyssa. Some people won't ever understand why people live in the city. There are $1 million plus homes within steps of Barracks Row - yeah, in the 'hood - and some of them are owned by actual people of color as well as Members of Congress and ordinary people who just love living within minutes of everything. That area was long ago restored and came into it's own.
                            You get this all the time about Washington's neighborhoods - Dupont, Logan, Columbia Heights, Adams Morgan, LeDroit Park, Brookland, PennQuarter, etc. - from people who just aren't into city living.

                            It has nothing to do with whether this restaurant or any other is good or bad. If you go someplace with a negative attitude, you're not likely to have a good experience.

                            1. re: MakingSense

                              I think these posts are normally typical of late saturday night posts when I would love to get a full story, although this one looks pretty early I am still sure there was probably an interesting story behind it from both sides.

                        2. The dcist review says the sushi is decent, the steaks not so much. The seafood? Who drowns oysters in gouda, pancetta, sun dried tomatoes, and micro basil?


                          1. My two worst experiences eating out here in DC has to have been at Jordans steakhouse on 8th street in Capitol Hill. Don’t get me wrong, from the outside the place looks nice. It chic and modern with a plethora of flat screen TV’s playing live sports, but that’s about all the place has going for it. The first time I went the service was atrocious. The waitress forgot the appetizer that I ordered. She forgot to get me a beer, and then forgot about us altogether. I had to get the attention of another waitress in order to get service at all. An hour later our food arrived, and my steak was grossly undercooked. How hard can it be to mess up a beer an appetizer and a steak?

                            Well I should have stuck to the adage fool me once! Fast forward 3 months to December. My folks came in from out of town and I figured I would give the place another try. I put my first poor dining experience down to the growing pains of a new restaurant. I figured anything will be better then my first time. Little did I expect that I was to be proved wrong and it would actually be worse! For a start the hostess told us our table would be ready in 15 mins. 1 hour and 15 mins later we were seated. Another 20 minutes later the waiter took out drinks order. Another hour and twenty minutes later the food came out! Now I like my steak well done and the thing was red in the middle. I don’t like sending food back but this was ridiculous. The steak came back 10 minutes later and it was once again red in the middle, to compound things the mashed potatoes were cold. I am not one for complaining, but I had enough, and asked for the manager. His response was an apology and to offer us a free dessert. Gee wiz. If you are going to drop well over 3 figures for a meal and it turns out as poorly as that you would expect to get at least something comped! Needless to say the poor meal was quite the topic at our table and the table next to us chimed in as well saying that this was also their second time here and that it was also their second bad experience. At least they got a free bottle of wine out of the whole thing which is more than what we got!

                            Anyway to sum up stay away from Jordans. It is an extremely expensive restaurant which serves amateur food with amateur service.

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                              I fear that Jordan's 8 is not long for this world. My wife and I went on a Sunday night and felt as though we were imposing on nightclub employees by asking for food. We were seating downstairs, and the TVs were at ear-shattering volume. The food wasn't horrible, but it wasn't any better than Outback, and at triple or quadruple the price.