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Jun 18, 2007 08:56 AM

Recs for NY CH near Marriott Downtown

New York Chowhound arriving in LA Tuesday evening and looking for reasonably priced food near Marriott Downtown. Would love something that is typically LA, as this trip is to weigh possibility of a move to the West Coast. Also any recs of other places we should eat during our three days there (we'll have rental car starting on second day) that would give us a good sense of local cuisine would be much appreciated. Mexican? Japanese? other Asian? Thanks in advance!

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  1. For a very LA experience, check out King Taco on Washington Bl. Try the soft tacos or sopes. I like their al pastor pork. Chichen Itza in Mercado La Paloma is good for Yucatecan food too. For Korean, Sa Rit Gol in Koreatown is very reliable.

    1. since youa re downtown, there are 2 spots you must go to:

      1. grand central marketplace - kinda like a farmer's market indoors with a bunch of food stalls:

      2. langer's deli; compare their pastrami to katz's:

      have fun!

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        Be sure to order the pastrami at Langer's "hand cut."

      2. Ciudad in downtown by the Bonadventure hotel has good spanish food. If you want to go the cheap route, go during happy hour from 4 to 7:00 p.m. for great deals.

        I second Langer's for their pastrami sandwich.

        I would drive to Koreatown for bbq or soon tofu. Do a search, depending on what you want to eat.

        I would drive to Little Tokyo for sushi. Try Sushi Gen for their lunch special at around $10, but go before 11:00 a.m. if you want to avoid super long lines.

        Drive to Monterey Park for some really good Chinese food. It's about a 15 minute drive on the freeway. Try Ocean Star, Empress Harbour or Capital Seafood on Garfield Ave by Garvey for Cantonese cuisine. Try Seafood Village for Chiu Chow (Garvey/Garfield) and try their house special crab.

        1. I second the rec for Ciudad, where the food is Pan-Latino, not just Spanish. There are Cuban, Mexican and South American influences, too.

          It's probably the closest "name" restaurant to the Marriott, and it's pretty unique. The down side is it's very loud.

          1. Agree with Langer's. Also very easy to get to and from on the red line (L.A. subway) which stops right next to the place on Alvarado and Seventh. Go for lunch -- they close fairly early eve or late afternoon.

            My favorite simple Mexican streetfood is at Carnitas Michaocan, which is a simple drive north on Broadway through downtown and Chinatown, on North Broadway at 19th. A simple stand -- order at one window, pickup at another, eat on a covered patio. Good carne asada, great al pastor from a rotisserie spit, but what really makes the place is their superlative salsa roja -- brick-red, spicy, smoky, complex, addictive.

            There are many threads on this board for authentic, wonderful regional Chinese food in the San Gabriel Valley, which is anywhere from twenty to forty-five minutes east of downtown. Search for dim sum, soup dumplings (Din Tai Fung), szechwan (Chung King), or Chinese seafood. But while L.A. Chinatown generally gets dissed on this board, it is just north adjacent to downtown and easily accessible on the DASH vans that circle downtown. My favorite by far is Yang Chow, on Broadway just north of Alpine on the west side of the street. Everyone orders the slippery shrimp, and I also like the eggplant in garlic sauce, the string beans, and the spicy wonton soup (listed on the specialty section of the menu rather than the soups).

            Phillippe's, just northeast of downtown across from Union Station and also accessible by DASH, is an L.A. institution. They vie with Cole's about which created the french dip sandwich. Line up on the sawdust, get a dip or two (I think the lamb or pork are much better than the beef), some cheap coffee or lemonade, and find a spot at the communal tables. Many think their hot mustard is the star of the show.

            Definitely walk through the Grand Central Market on Broadway about Fourth. Get a yummy, huge carnitas taco or two from Ana Maria's or Roast-2-Go, if I remember the names of the stalls correctly.

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              Thanks everyone. We had a great time in LA, and ate very well. Thanks to all of you. We had tacos and sopes in the Grand Central Market, which were amazing. And some delicious happy hour treats from Ciudad. I can't wait to come back to try more...