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Jun 18, 2007 08:48 AM

favorite farm stands in Rhode Island?

I'm trying to expand my produce-finding repertoire. Where are your favorite farm stands in our lovely state? I hike and explore a lot, so anywhere in the state is fair game. Often, of course, I'll just stumble across something great on a scenic drive, but tips are wonderful incentive too. I have the lists of the stands scattered around the state, but what I'm looking for here are personal favorites.

I'm going to start canning and making jam for the first time this summer, so I'll be scouting out all sorts of places to find plump, juicy fruits and veggies. (I just moved back to RI this year, so I'm reacquainting myself with the area). Suggestions, please!

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  1. i don't have any real recs for favorites since i'm currently living in massachusetts, but the link below to Farm Fresh Rhode Island is a good reference for this sort of thing:

    1. Of the farmers' markets listed in the Farm Fresh RI site, I like the Saunderstown and Hope High School markets. Saunderstown has meat, always a plus with me. One of our local CSA farmers, Wishing Stone Farm, is at Hope St.

      For farm stands, in Little Compton, Walkers Roadside Stand (not yet open, for some reason), which I used to live across the street from. There is now another farmstand, Young's, across from Walkers--so two at once.

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        Schartner Farm on route 2 in Exeter (South County trail) is a very large farmstand, probably the most popular in the state, at least the southern part. The only drawback is that they are pretty pricey.

      2. Down here in South County, we like Whaley Farm at the Jerry Brown Farm exit off Route 1 just south of Wakefield, and Sosnowski Farm on Route 138 in West Kingston, just west of URI. Both feature their own products. Both have seasonal hours.

        There is also a Farmer's Market at the URI parking lot on Route 138 every Saturday morning that is quite good.

        Jerry Saywell

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          The Saturday market at URI is not great anymore in my opinion. I used to shop there for years, but all of the vendors I used to get my produce for the week left the market. I found out that the URI market buys produce in now…I thought it was supposed to be locally grown only... I’m quite disappointed. Luckily I found alternatives this summer that I completely enjoyed and the kids enjoyed as well, ex. Richmond Farmers’ Market, Charlestown Farmers’ Market, Goddard Park Farmers’ Market. Does anyone know of the new East Greenwich Farmers’ Market opening this summer?

          Since the URI market not being up to par, I have switched my family over to visiting the Richmond Farmers’ Market in Richmond, RI (at the town hall) which is on the grass (nice for the kids) and I heard that they are going to expand their vendors this year as well as bring in music and have family days planned out during the market season. I like this market in the fact that they only sell what they grow. I think that is a great philosophy!

          Richmond and Charlestown Farmers’ Markets have a meat vendor, who supplies superb quality of beef, homemade sausage & hot dogs, bacon, eggs, etc. I used to buy from Stony Hill Cattle at URI and found out that they also sell at the Richmond Farmers’ Market and Charlestown, so of course I didn’t mind following them to a different location. The other vendors included Cedar Edge Farm (the farm I get my CSA from…excellent quality of produce and the melons they grow and sell have the best flavor I have ever had!!), One Love Farm (this vendor grows/makes his own chili powder – awesome, you should definitely try this among the other different items he grows), etc. Ledge Ends goes to the Charlestown Market and they have a great quality of produce as well and are certified organic as is Cedar Edge Farm.

          What is nice about the Richmond Market is that it is close to Arcadia, which is one of the biggest hiking areas in RI. The trails are nice to take the kids on in the spring and summer months – there are spots to have picnics as well. The nice thing about the Charlestown Farmers’ Market is that they are close to the beaches, so it is nice to pack get your shopping done at the market and then take a walk to the beach or head to the library, etc. The areas that these markets are located in are great for the family weekends.

          Does anyone know of any other farmers' markets worth going to in the summer with the kids (preferably ones that only sell what they grow)?

        2. Dame Farm, Brown Ave in Johnston.
          Right behind it is decent hiking and occasional lucky mushroom hunting in Snake Den.

          My favorite is generally whichever is on the way home from whatever beach or attraction I am coming from.

          On route 108 a few miles north of Point Judith you can't miss that enormous beautiful barn all covered with windows - a fine place to stop.

          There is a cute little stand on Third Beach Road or Mitchell's lane in Middletown - the back road north from Second Beach in Middletown.

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            Which is the farm you mean on 108? I think I've been berry picking at a farm near there. Which side of 108?

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              It may be Sunset Farm (Kinney bungelow)-off of 108 however they do not have berry picking but they do offer a veggie stand

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                Sunset Farm it is. The building with windows is not a barn, it's the Kinney Bungalow, as fruitlady correctly identified. The bungalow is owned by the town of Narragansett and can be rented out for parties (like my 40th birthday party a few years ago!). It's a beautiful space. The farm stand offers, in my opinion, some of the best veggies around. Great corn! I don't know of any berry picking around Point Judith. I do all mine either in my backyard <grin> or at Schartner's on Route 2 in Exeter.

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              Walker's without doubt is simply the Best!