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Jun 18, 2007 08:29 AM

Best ice cream cookbook?

I'm looking for the best cookbook for ice cream, sorbet, gelato, frozen yogurt -- what is your favorite and why?

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  1. I like Ben and Jerry's Homemade Ice Cream and dessert book:

    There are a lot of recipes (no gelato, sorry to say) that are presented in a straightforward way. Nothing too fancy, but nobody's complained about anything I've made.

    1. We have both the Ben and Jerry's and Bruce Weingarten's Ultimate Ice Cream cookbooks. Besides the occasional Cherry Garcia (which we altered!) the Ben and Jerry's gathers dust. The Ultimate Ice Cream book is so used pages are falling out. We LOVE the oatmeal (altered a bit), honey, irish cream, rice, corn, raspberry sorbet, and philly-style strawberry. Any time we have company a new recipe is tried. I don't think there's a single recipe we've tried and disliked. They're all good. The alterations we've made amount to extra vanilla, type of sugar changes (based on flavor), added salt, and slightly different cooking techniques.

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        I second the Ultimate Ice Cream book, I love it for both sorbet and ice cream - try the green tea ice cream.

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          I agree with odkaty. I think the Ben and Jerry's book isn't worth it. My Ultimate Ice Cream book is well worn. It's good because it provides some basic guidelines for recipe design as well as a large selection of recipes. Some of the recipes don't turn out so well though; the custard base strawberry recipe, for example, does not contain enough sugar and comes out unscoopable for me.

          I haven't read The Perfect Scoop, but it looks like I should go find a copy.

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            The timing of these reviews is excellent because I picked up The Ultimate Ice Cream Book at the library today. One note for those who may go looking for it. The author's last name is Weinstein, not Weingarten.

          2. I've liked all the recipes in the Williams Sonoma book. It's the one with the luscious scoop of strawberry on the cover. There are good detailed directions, some side tips and of course perfect photography.

            1. I hear loads of people going berserk over david lebovitz's "the perfect scoop". it sounds amazing, and i'd love to try it, but i won't invest in an ice-cream maker, because then i'll have to invest in jeans a size larger.


              1. I don't own one, but of all the recipebooks I've had out from the library, my favorite is The Perfect Scoop by David Lebovitz. It just came out this spring, and most of his ice cream recipes are custard based and quite rich. He also has recipes for frozen yogurt, sorbets and lot of mix-ins, sauces, and cookies for making sandwiches etc. I currently have a batch of the strawberry rhubarb sorbet in the freezer. It has a wonderful texure and the right amount of sweetness.