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Jun 18, 2007 08:27 AM

High School Reunion Dinner

The details for a restaurant:

5 of us meeting up Friday night (we all grew up together on Long Island)
2 never left Long Island
Moderately priced ($50 per person?)
Easy to have conversation
Reservations (no waiting 1 hour for a table)
Great drinks/wine
Not touristy
Not trendy

Any ideas oh wise ones?!?

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  1. Despite the specifics you've given, there are still countless restaurants that might qualify. So, a little more info, please. Cuisine preferences? Neighborhood? And what does "fun" mean to you?

    1. Cuisine preferences--non-complicated, non-fusion, non-trendy that is a crowd pleaser for all types of palettes. Downtown preferably, fun means not stuffy, not pretentious, a place we can unwind, talk and meet...

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      1. On a serious note I think you girls would have a nice time at Houstons on Park Ave or we always enjoy Royale for pub food on ave C

        1. re: solarlane

          I confess to having a soft spot for City Hall restaurant on Duane St. It a place that I return to again and again, just such a comfortable fit. I like the room and can imagine you being able to sit back and talk and enjoy catching up. Gracious but not stuffy, the menu should suit a spectrum of tastes.