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Jun 18, 2007 08:01 AM

PCH Vegetarian Road Trip?

Some friends and i are going to take a couple days to drive the P.C.H. from L.A. to San Fransico and I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on places we should not miss on the way up, vegetarian restaurants specifically.i got the L.A and San Fran covered i just need some places on the way, thanks.

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  1. In Pacific Grove there is Tillie Gorts, or Central Avenue Bakery. Pacific Grove is about 5 miles from Hwy 1 when you get to the Monterey area. The most scenic route, also a bit longer, would be to take 17 mile drive (entrance fee $8) through Pebble Beach then around Ocean View Drive to PG! It is an awesome drive. Although, the whole PCH is pretty great!

    When you get to Santa Cruz/Capitola there is Gayle's Bakery Cafe!
    Here are a couple of links for you to check out

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      New Frontiers Natural Foods in Solvang, at the eastern limits, has a great deli counter with all kinds of luscious salads, entrees, desserts. Wonderful presentation. Inside or outside cafe seating. Get some goodies to take to one of the wineries for a pique-nique. Or for road snacks. Exit 101 in Beullton and head east about 5 mimutes.

      There is also a location in San Luis Obispo, right on 1( or as you call it PCH) as you head north out of town. (cross street Foothill Blvd.) It's been foggy amd windy lately so maybe a pique nique isn't such a great idea. Unless you bring your parka. SoCal we ain't.

    2. Santa Barbara - the Sojourner for dinner, the Natural Cafe for lunch. In Paso Robles go to Villa Creek if you can. The chef always has a couple of very interesting vegetarian items on the menu. This is one of my favorite restaurants, and I usually order a veggie item despite not actually being vegetarian (anymore). Buit you said PCH - so probably Cambria not Paso?

      1. We are far from vegetarian but live in Santa Cruz, a very vegetarian-friendly area. Some popular veggie spots:

        Malabar Cafe

        Saturn Cafe


        We also have some wonderful farmer's markets which are full of summer goodies right now. My favorite strawberries are from Swanton; the basket I got last week was the best so far this season. If you have time, you should stop at their farmstand along the PCH to stretch your legs and pick your own basket or buy some of the premade goodies inside.

        My post on strawberry picking:

        In Big Sur, check out the Big Sur Bakery & Restaurant. Not specifically vegetarian, but their produce-featured dishes were fantastic.

        Have a great time and please report back!

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          thanks to all for the help
          some of those links look really good

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            You're welcome. Here's another link that could be useful:

            They have a food finder under their "resources" header.