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Jun 18, 2007 07:17 AM

My parents are visiting Vancouver from the midwest...

Can some Vancouver locals recommend a few restaurants that offer great food at affordable prices? My parents will be visiting next week and if I don't provide them with some local guidance, I'm afraid they'll end up eating at terrible tourist traps. In terms of price, I'd say no more expensive than $16 Canadian per entree. No fish restaurants or sushi as Mom doesn't eat seafood.

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  1. Try Whitespot-if they're from the Midwest it should suit.

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    1. re: Sam Salmon

      Oh, take it back! White Spot is white food for white people....lots of other options for basic good fare.. Feenie's has great burgers, Joe Fortes', even Milestone's or Earl's before White Spot.

    2. They could also go to Seb's Market Cafe on Broadway or the Tomato Fresh Food Cafe. (they just relocated to Kits) Also - Milestone's restaurants (local chain) might be what they are looking for too. I suggest the English Bay has a great view.

      1. Cactus Club, Earl's - Decent food, good price range sounds right up their alley.

        Hamilton St Grill in Yaletown.
        Flying Tiger on 4th for Asian Fusion - Spring rolls, duck, samosas, chicken.

        1. Moxies Classic Grill has recently revamped itself and offers some really nice options at the price point you're looking at.

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          1. re: victoriafoodie

            C'mon, guys. The OP is looking for recommendations for non-tourist traps for her parents and you recommend lousy chains like Moxies, Earls, and Milestones?!

            I'd send them to Memphis Blues BBQ on Broadway near Granville; delicious Legendary Noodle on Main Street; the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts for a prix fixe; Rangoli for lunch if they like Indian; Caffe Artigiano (multiple locations) for the city's best coffee and decent panini; Slickety Jim's Chat 'n' Chew on main for breakfast or lunch; Steamworks Brewing for pizza and beer; Vera's Burger Shack for lunch; Noodle Box on West 4th for lunch; so many more choices.

            Mind you, if they have to go to a chain downtown, the Cactus Club is not a bad choice, nor is Earls.

            1. re: anewton

              Thanks for your recommendations, they're much appreciated!

              1. re: envynyc

                Just avoid the Old Spaghetti Factory. I have no idea why that place attracts the amount of tourists that it does. It's ideal for preschool children, but beyond that, the dullest restaurant in the city food-wise.

              2. re: anewton

                I had forgotten about Memphis Blues - that is a good suggestion.

                As for Noodle Box I thought about that and didn't recommend it because people from the midwest who won't eat fish are probably not going to enjoy spicy noodle dishes (just a wild stereotypical guess but I'm probably right anyway!).

                And as for Moxies et al being lousy chains you have to remember what the criteria were - especially under $16 for dinner! In addition, I have actually eaten recently at a lot of those chains (pure convenience when travelling for business) and I have been pleasantly surprised. They are not the deep-fried anonymous places they used to be, serving the same thing at each of Earls, Cactus, and so on. A lot of fresh local ingredients, interesting twists, and not tourist traps (unless a chic, Vancouver-style restaurant with low slung leather chairs, a cool glowing bar and modern looking chandeliers is a tourist trap; I was thinking more like avoiding places like Joe Fortes - can't get there for $16/plate anyway - and the Elephant and Castle).

                Another suggestion might be Zefferellis for pasta and people watching if they can get a window table.

                I completely agree about avoiding Old Spaghetti Factory. Everything is undersalted and their salads are drenched in dressing to the point of being unrecognizable (is this caesar salad or coleslaw?).

                1. re: victoriafoodie

                  another couple of places just came to mind Carderos and the Mill right down from each other in Coal Harbor.

                2. re: anewton

                  Touche, man. Moxie's, Cactus Club make me embarrassed to be from Canada. It's 1993 all up in those places. Besides, it isnt what Vancouver is about.

              3. The Irish Heather in Gastown