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Jun 18, 2007 06:17 AM

Why no AC in Pinkberry?

I was at the UES Pinkberry yesterday and the store was like an oven. Awful. They have nice tables and decor, but no one could stand to sit there because of the stuffy heat. They don't even have any benches outside. I find it disrespectul to the customers. Pinkberry only comes in dishes, no cones, so it's akward to eat it standing up. Are they just being cheap?

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  1. We first started noticing the "no a/c" trend a couple of summers ago. We went in to Bar Epstein for a drink late on a really hot Saturday afternoon and the doors and windows were opened wide. The poor bartender, who was wearing a tie, was sweating bullets. We asked him why the a/c wasn't on and he said that the owner had a strict policy against it.

    Later on we ate at Perbacco (a perfectly ordinary meal) and while the a/c was on it was set at a ridiculously high temperature. From time to time the waitstaff would sneak over to the thermostat and lower it by a few drgrees. Then the manager would come around and put it back. We saw the same thing happen at a couple of other places as well.

    With the spike in oil prices there has been a matching jump in electrical rates. I think some places are trying to shave a few hundred bucks a month off their operating costs.

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          1. Gee, I wonder if they have the same policy about using heat in the winter. Speak with your feet. If they lose enough money they might get the message.