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Jun 18, 2007 04:47 AM

Peruvian in Wilmington - try it

Just tried Manos Latina on Kirkwood highway, very good ceviche. Nice place attentive service reasonable prices and good food, what more could you ask for?
Has anyone else been there?

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  1. Yeah, been there a couple times. Really like the fried rice w/sesame oil. Very garlicky, tasty and with chunks of moist, firm fish throughout. I'll have to try the ceviche next time I go.

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    1. re: mwerkharder

      Can you tell me where it is? eg What shopping center is it in? Any nearby landmarks?

      1. re: Rumrita

        It's very small, so easy to miss. I'd say right across from Value City and Wendy's in Elsmere is the best landmark. There is no parking out front, you need to drive in between 2 buildings and there is parking right in back of the restaurant. I may be going for lunch today! Hope this helps...

    2. I was there soon after they opened and posted on it in February (misspelling the name, unfortunately):

      Sadly, I have not been back since, although I'd like to. I just don't get out enough in my own town!

      1. This is my new new favorite restaurant in New Castle County. I had seen it while whizzing by on Kirkwood Highway but never slowed down fast enough to get into their parking lot. One night I wanted to eat at Kalbi (good Korean across the street) but they were closed (early!) so I drove back to Manos Latinas, stuck my head in at 9:25pm on a Friday to see if they were still open. Guillermo waved me in like an old friend. I knew it was late and the staff was probably itching to close but the rack of lamb was calling to me so I asked Guillermo if it was too late for this dish and he very pleasantly said that it was fine. He only had a smallish piece of lamb left so he supplemented it (with my consent) with some large juicy shrimps. The lamb came out in 15 minutes and was divine. It had a crispy crust and tender inside covered with a creamy mushroom caper sauce. I actually liked the dish better with the shrimps since it provided some variety. The rice was perfect to sop up the rest of the sauce. Guillermo came and chatted with me for a while about Peru and his love of cooking and assured me he can do any dish "to order." I'm not sure if I'll take advantage of that since there's already 20 other dishes on the menu (out of the 80) that I want to try. Go there now! or soonish at least.
        They are located at:
        2304 Kirkwood Highway (Del.2), Wilmington (eastbound lanes,near Del. 141). (302)996-0266 (302) 685-0774

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          Their website doesn't seem to be working. Are they still open? I've never even seen the place, but I'd be willing to try based on the comments. Do they have a liquor license?

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            They are indeed still open. I just ate there this weekend. I don't think they have a liquor license but they welcome you to BYOB. I have yet to take advantage of this so I'm not sure if there would be corkage fees. The place is easy to miss because it looks like any other house along Kirkwood. Here is a map:
            Please visit them. The food is very good but there is usually only a table or two of eaters there on what should be busy nights like Friday and Saturday.

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              Tried Manos Latina with the family. Aside from the best fried plantain we've ever had (and having eaten them in the caribbean and Costa Rica), the rest of the meal was...well...pretty bad. The octopus was fishy tasing and chewy, the mixed seafood ceviche was also fishy tasting (i.e. the fish had a fish odor and the shrimp tasted like iodine). The fish ceviche (just fish) was so spicy that we could not really taste the fish. Also, our steamed fish tasted fishy and not at all flavorful. And the pasta was pretty run-of-the mill. The chef was very friendly and nice to talk to but the food was not worth it at any price.