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Jun 18, 2007 04:39 AM

Summer whites

Looking for suggestions for light summer whites; reasonably priced and preferably in the 1.5 liter bottles. Having a few summer parties and would like to keep the cost down. We like Australian, but not Yellowtail:)
Thanks all.

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  1. Blue Fin chardonnay from Trader Joe's, garpefruit tones, 3.99/750 ml.. Bonnie Doon Pacific Rim Reisling (dry,not sweet) about 7.99/750 ml and there are a bunch of French and american and sspainsh roses that are great for around $10/750ml..
    Have a good time this summer.

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      Sadly, our Trader Joes here in NJ does not have a liquor license, so they can't sell wine here. I have heard some of the wine they sell is pretty decent, though. thanks

    2. Sorry, don't know about 1.5 liter bottles but for light summer whites try Vermentino (a Sicilian wine great with seafood)...also Portuguese Vinho Verde is very food friendly...French Loire Valley whites go well with summer menus...and, as the previous poster suggested, almost every country is producing excellent ros├ęs these days.

      All these wines can easily be found for about $10 or less...

      Enjoy the hunt!

      1. I don't have any recommendations for 1.5L bottles, because we buy mostly 750 ml. Two white wines that we like for Summer are the Bonny Doon Big House White at about $7.99, Folie a Duex Menage a Trois White at $8.99. Both are made from a blend of grapes. Slightly higher in price, we like the Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc / Voigner blend for around $10 to $12. We are also fond of Babich NZ SB from between $11.99 to $13.99. There are probably plenty of NZ SB we could substitute for Babich, and certainly several in the sub $10 range that we like.

        If you are looking for party wines in the 1.5L format, maybe Cavit Pinot Grigio which is widely available and often on sale.

        1. might depend on whether you are drinking as an aperitif or with a particular type of food. that said albarinos (amongst others: nora, fefinanes, naia), vermentinos (costamloino), vinho verdes...

          1. i agree with some post here on new zealand white (sauv blanc) kim crawford, nobilo, babich, huia, spy valley, cloudy bay etc....