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Jun 18, 2007 12:54 AM

flourless and chocolatey?

Suggestions for good desserts that fit the two criteria would be appreciate.

Actually, they needn't really even be chocolatey, but my gluten-intolerant friend just loves chocolate, and I figured it might be relatively easier to find gluten-free chocolate-based desserts.

Of course, while flourless chocolate cakes come to mind, ice creams, mousses, panna cotte, bing soo, etc. all count...

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  1. Mani's Bakery on Fairfax will be adding a new flourless chocolate cake to its menu starting 6/22/07.

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    1. re: luv2savr

      They have other gluten-free items as well, right?

      1. re: PseudoNerd

        I believe so, but you might want to speak with them directly. Many of their baked goods are "wheat-free" which doesn't necessarily mean "gluten-free" because they could be using another type of flour that contains some gluten, like spelt.

        If she's truly gluten-intolerant, your safest option may be to make something yourself using the gluten-free mixes they have at Whole Foods and other healthy stores. I think one of the brands is Glutino, which makes a chocolate cake mix and several others.

    2. The new Wolfgang Puck rest. in the Pacific Design Center building, Red Seven, has a new Sherry Yard creation called the Milk Chocolate Ovaltine Bar that is insanely chocolatey... homemade rice crispy chocolate bar topped with a malted chocolate mousse and whipped is light yet rich. I have dreams about it... Grand opens Tuesday night (invite only), open for lunch on Wednesday.

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        unfortunately the "malted" chocolate mousse in this delightful-sounding dessert puts it on the no-no list for a gluten-intolerant. malt comes from barley, which contains gluten.

        definitely double-check with mani's about the new item [luv2savr is right about a lot of their goods being wheat-free but not gluten-free].

        or try the cake @ urth. everyone's always raving about it, even people who can eat flour, gluten, etc. i'm gluten-intolerant myself, and it's #1 on my must-try list.

      2. I'm gluten intolerant and I LOVE Urth Caffe's Flourless Chocolate cake. It's "individual" size, but good to share and rich with three different textures working throughout. A little fresh whipped cream and some strawberries and she'll be in heaven!

        1. For flourless choc cake, Violet, Double Dutch Dinette, and Whole Foods
          For choc mousse, Mimosa (pot de creme), Michel Richard, Giorgio Baldi, Divino, BreadBar, and Monsieur Marcel
          Truffles/Chocolates at In Tem Per An Tia in the Palisades, or Compartes
          Chocolate covered macaroons from Beverlywood Bakery
          Chocolate ice cream at MILK and Dr. Bob's
          Spanish Hot Chocolate at Senor Fred
          I'd also check with Kosher bakeries (esp around passover time) but you can generally special order flourless items there any time

          1. Mani's is your best bet. Or fudge might be the way to go.

            Susina has some flourless choc cakes (raspberry and a hazelnut ones too I think) but they usually only have it in the case for Passover - you could order them though. Susina also has fantastic choc covered macaroons.