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Jun 17, 2007 11:56 PM

Vosges' PB bon-bons

Does anybody know of a store (a physical store, please, not the Vosges site) that carries them? Neiman Marcus certainly doesn't; the women at the confectionary area didn't even know Vosges made such things, and I think I heard one of them saying she was the one who orders from them for the store!

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  1. Sorry - I didn't think they were carried anywhere but their own stores - BUT - I was just at the Vegas branch last week and word is they are coming to Santa Monica - on Montana around August........

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    1. re: shebop

      We just bought 3 Vosges chocolate bars from Surfas in Culver City yesterday and I'm not sure if the bon-bons are sold there as well.

      1. re: melondra

        They are not sold at Surfas. The only place to get them is on their website and in the Vosges stores.

      2. re: shebop

        Great news!!! :D

        We were there a few weeks ago and bought the PB Bon Bons... and to be honest... I wanted impressed.. not enough salt... not enough PB flavor... I find most of Vosage's Truffles lacking (Especially since we have great truffle makers here locally). I MUCH prefer their chocolate bars... that is where they really shine (And I'm crossing my fingers that the Bacon Bar makes it to Surfas!!)


      3. I'm pretty sure they're a site/store only item.

        But you might want to give Mel & Rose Wine & Spirits (on Melrose near La Cienega) a call. They carry a lot of the Vosges line (including some of the boxed truffles) and if they don't have it, they might be able to special order.

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          Whole Foods Markets in the Midwest carry an extensive line of Vosges products. May be so since they are a "local" supplier. Call your local WFM and ask for the Specialty department. Try the newest Exotic Bar: Mo's--its 41% milk chocolate with Applewood smoked bacon! A chocolate dream for Rhone lovers.

        2. I agree with Vinaceus to check Whole Foods for the candy bars. I am in Colorado and they had all the bars, no truffles or bon bons. The truffles are primarily stocked in the stores. They are too "fragile" to ship in quantity I have been told.