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Nov 14, 2005 12:05 PM

"Ungourmet" burgers ...

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I appreciate the thread on "gourmet burgers". Here's a bigger challenge. I am looking for old-fashioned "greasy spoon" burgers ... cooked on a grill, but with quality meat/ingredients. The best example I can think of was a place on Whiskey Gulch in Palo Alto years ago, called Jerry's Burgers, I think. Terrific fried burgers, buns buttered and also thrown on the grill, melt in your mouth with an accompanying basket of delicious fries, cooked in god-knows-what. Any ideas? Thanks ....

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    Andy Copeland

    Joe's Cable Car. Simply done, but a great burger. They grind their own fresh chuck, know how to grill a burger, and do so accordingly.

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    1. re: Andy Copeland

      I wanted to say Joe's Cable Car, but didn't know if that fell into gourmet or ungourmet territory. Also, Big Mouth Burgers on 24th near Valencia has great burgers (they are being forced to change their name due to a cease-and-desist order from Chili's - new name will be Mega Mouth). One of their side dishes is a nice homemade preparation of beans (not sweet). The owner is an incredibly nice guy to boot.

      1. re: Andy Copeland

        Al's Giant Burgers on San Pablo in El Cerrito are really good.

        1. re: ernie

          Al's been slipping over the last few years for me. Stopped going and frequent Pup Hut in Richmond on SP Avenue. Bought and run by the Fry Guy from Al's and the menu/food is what Al's used to be 10 years ago. FANTASTIC !!!

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        Pius Avocado III

        Mike's at the Yard, Petaluma (2nd loc. in Cotati).


        1. Phyllis' Giant Burger on 4th Street in San Rafael. Burgers should come with a roll of Bounty paper towels. Oh, so good. Great fries. Also serves a great turkey burger.

          J T

          1. I also enjoy Val's in Hayward - on Kelly Street

            1. How about Oscar's on Shattuck/Hearst in Berkeley? That's as no-frills as you can get, and the burger is decent (though I wouldn't make a special trip for it)