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Jun 17, 2007 09:00 PM

Boston Foodie Meccas

Hi all, I know this subject is discussed on here all the time. I'm a Sous Chef from Little Rock, AR coming to Boston for a few days. Meal price is not a problem, I'm looking for inspiration in the kitchen. Any recommendations or links to previous posts will be appreciated.

Thanks for your advice

John C

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  1. I would definitely do a crawl of Allston - Shanghainese, Chinese-Korean, Lebanese, Brazilian, Pakistani, Singapore/Malaysian etc... If you're cooking in a traditional American/European kitchen, these cuisines would be more different from what you're doing.

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    1. re: limster

      I second limster, but are you looking for inspiration in terms of "I want to eat types of food I wouldn't likely find in Little Rock" or in terms of "I want to see what's happening at the hot new tall-food-and-foams destination Chez Foofy" or both?

      1. re: BarmyFotheringayPhipps

        Perhaps it depends how much you want to read into the choice of "foodie" and not "chow."

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          Probably more of the "hot new tall-food-and-foams destination Chez Foofy" but deff some of bothh

          1. re: John C.

            In that case, I'd give O Ya a try. Apparently their chef trained with Urasawa in LA.

      2. Hey John- If you're looking for new ideas in the kitchen stop into;

        - KO Prime(Jamie Bisonette)
        - Toro(John Critchey)
        - Uni/Clio(Ken Oringer)
        - Neptune Oyster(Dave Nevins)
        - B&G Oyster(Greg, JJ, Alex)
        - Locke Ober(Lydia Shire)
        - Olives(Joe Brenner)

        Enjoy your trip and please report back what you discovered.

        1. John - great examples on the board of higher-end places -

          But for inspiration, hope you will walk the streets and check out some areas that are either low-cost like the Super 88 supermarket, the Haymarket area produce stands, or some of the funkier Chinese places in Chinatown (Potluck Cafe - or some good spots in the outer reaches of the city - like JP (Ten Tables to El Oriental de Cuba) or Somerville (Gargoyles to tibetan food at Martsa or House of Tibet).

          1. Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge for a look at very high quality ingredients, including hundreds of imported cheeses, aged in a "cave" on the premises.
            Oishii and Fugakyu for creative Japanese/sushi ideas. (have not been to Uni)
            Tamarind Bay for creative, upscale Indian. (There may be better Indian restaurants, but they aren't oriented toward an upscale restaurant in Little Rock.)
            Peach Farm (Cantonese) for the beauty of fresh seafood and vegetables.
            New Jumbo Seafood (Cantonese) along the same lines of Peach Farm, but try the spectacular XO sauce. (especially good is "vegetables in XO sauce," which for whatever reason has very fresh seafood too).
            Oleana for Mediterranean ideas.
            Hamersley's Bistro for the crispy polenta with morels and the roasted chicken.
            Eastern Standard

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            1. re: aventinus

              Some of these might not be my first choice on a regular basis. But I think the presentations and flavor combos are among the most inspired (the "wow, I never would've thought of THAT" factor) in the city.

              Upstairs on the Square
              Sibling Rivalry

              1. re: aventinus

                For creative sushi, I would add O-Ya.

              2. If I had only one meal to eat in Boston and had the bucks to lay out, I'd go to L'Espalier.

                And No. 9 Park, Sel de la Terre, and Icarus aren't exactly slouches, either.

                Fine suggestions above -- thought being a completist wasn't a bad idea, though.

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                1. re: bachslunch

                  Thanks for the input guys! I will deff report back.

                  1. re: John C.

                    John- Did you make it to Boston yet?