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Jun 17, 2007 08:41 PM

Favorite late-night restaurants

We are leaving for NYC on Tuesday night (red-eye from Los Angeles), so I am trying to get as much info as possible before I leave. (Sorry for all the posts!)

Since during the day and evening, I am going to spending time with my 13 year old twins, my mom and step-dad, I am looking to go out with my husband after-hours. I have had to find restaurants that work for everyone for dinner, but I would love to go out later and try some places with a smaller, late-night menu. We stay out pretty late when we are in NYC and usually end up downtown, but I am not opposed to uptown places. Any interesting places for drinks/dessert/light, interesting fare that are open late?

Thanks for any info. I am trying to find places that will work for everyone on this trip, but I would love to be a little selfish and find some fun places that my husband and I can visit alone.

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  1. How late is late? A lot of NYC restaurants are still serving dinner fare and are still crowded at midnight, like inoteca, Blue Ribbon, Pastis, Spotted Pig.

    See also:

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      11pm-4am? We will probably head out for the evening after 10pm, probably more like after 11. So, anyplace that is still serving after 11 would be great.

    2. I would suggest Employees Only on Hudson. Great food and great drinks. Have fun.

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        ssam bar on first av around 11th st (the offshoot of momofuku) has that special menu after 10pm and it's apparently pretty great.

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          The "special" menu is now the dinner menu, served from 5-midnight. They don't stay open past midnight any more.

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          I second Employees Only--was just there on Saturday and had the Fraise Sauvage cocktail and the steak tartare. Both delicious.

          1. all the korean restaurants on 32nd street between 5th and broadway usually open 24hrs-u can get a whole range of bite from tasty savory to hot and spicy to comfortable caseroles and scallion or seafood pancakes

            1. blue ribbon is well known for that....the chef crowd etc..