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Jun 17, 2007 07:52 PM

TNFNS Chocolate / Stadium Food Episode

So I've only watched the first half of my recorded episode and I just had to hit pause to post a comment. I'm just having a really hard time understanding what the challenges and the process has to do with creating a new show on food tv. IIRC the last two seasons required the contestants to come to the table with an idea or "vision/POV" for their show - that really doesn't seem to be the case this year. Is it just me?

Also, I'm all done with Colombe... I was really rooting for her in the first episode but seeing her tonight I've changed my mind. The whole extra bag of food thing just threw me - she KNEW it was for one of her castmates and yet she gives it back to the the bagger? And says nothing to anyone about it? I realize that this is a competition, but come on... There, that's my rant.

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  1. Since I won't have another opportunity to talk about Colombe...have to give kudos to my s.o. who identified her as the goalie from the second Mighty Ducks movie within the first five minutes of the first episode.

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      You're right!


      Was glad to see her go - she had a way of talking that made me want to sleep... plus the cheese from a jar was just over the top - especially when compared with JAG who MADE his 3-cheese sauce - what a concept!

      1. re: heathermb

        I like JAG, really can't imagine anyone else on there having his/her own show, and he has been my pick to win since episode 1. The s.o. thinks Adrian is the favorite. She picked Guy last year so she's probably right.

        Can't wait to see Chesty McToothers' crappy ribs on the cover of Bon Appetit.

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          I like JAG too...as a latina, I would welcome a show that highlights the broad spectrum of yummy Latin American eats. He just has to relax a little more, it looks like he already is.

          I like Adrian too, although his cooking has been uneven IMO...some things he's done have not appealed to me the same way JAG's has. But he comes across well on the screen PLUS he's a stand up guy!

          Bon Appetit is out already...Salmon should have won the cover, not Chesty (love the nickname...I was calling her Gummy Smile)

          I know I know, l am possibly being mean but the truth is, Rory HAS a gummy, toothy smile!

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          I so agree! I liked how when Guy asked her if the sauce or chips were homemade and she said no, he gave her a look! Ilike Jag alot, especially when I saw he made homemade cheese sauce. Glad she went.

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            So she spent, what, 90 minutes just making the salsa?

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            LMAO!! I'm watching Men in Black II and there's Columbe dressed in black with goth makeup! Her best line: "I want to have your babby." Way too funny.

          3. This is the first season of TNFNS I've watched...I haven't had a chance to see the first half of the chocolate/stadium food episode, but I agree...Clueless Colombe just had to go! Honestly, they should have kept Talking Points Nikki for another couple of weeks instead of hoping Clueless would get with the program...

            1. You're right in the past contestants had to have a concept that they wanted to pursue. they focused and developed that as they 'auditioned'. This time around FN wants, surprise surprise, style over substance. They want the personality first then they'll figure out the show. In fact Tushyman told Amy, who wanted to focus on French Bistro style, to drop it.

              As much of a disaster Columbe was. (Lets admit it she was entertaining.) I did feel for her when the judges told her her taped segment was too loud and over the top for FN...These are the same people who are responsible for Rachle Ray and Paula Deen(and her sons). Makes you wonder if they've ever seen their own shows.

              Then again Columbe has been getting a free ride thus far.


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                I haven't seen the first part of the show, but I did see a piece of her "talking loud" during the review...I thought the same...she's "yelling" but then again "Deliver us from EVOO" RR doesn't yell/isn't over the top???

                Amy annoys me. I love French food, I love Paris, I love France, etc. I like to cook French food and dish it out but she's coming off as a snob who thinks she's one above anybody who hasn't had the chance or opportunity to go there. Julia Child or Jacques Pepin she's not. Everytime I see her I am reminded Lane Meyer's mom in "Better off dead" who has a "FRUNCH" themed dinner one night, which she called "Mon Dieu": "FRUNCH bread! FRUNCH fries! FRUNCH dressing...and to drink....PERU!" (instead of Perrier!)

                1. re: Cat Chow

                  oh man! I love that stupid movie..only because of John Cusack..but yes! She does remind me of her.
                  She is turning into that little ms. know it all from H.S. You know the ones who took 4 yrs of Spanish & then all of a sudden they were more of an authority on all things spanish then even the Latinas.

                  1. re: Cat Chow

                    That scene is up there in my top 10 food-in-movies scenes...LOVE it! And agree with you CC, Amy is a little annoying - but less so than Rory, IMO.

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                      Agreed...both annoying, just on different levels. If Francophile Amy brings it down a bit (both in her "evangelization" and her presentation/plating), she could stay to the very end. One thing is to have the authority/knowledge to share/impart to others, the other is to be an authoritarian/supercilious person. The second is what makes her annoying, the first is what made Julia Child so beloved, to this day.

                      Chesty Rory has her work cut out for her, she seems to be sloppy in the kitchen...she needs to get her act (as in cooking/routine, not flauting her "assets") together.

                      Out of all the women who competed, I liked Nikki the best, but she was too sassy and too rehearsed and she got axed before she could really tone it down...her food looked good/intriuging but apparently it was lacking the thing she said was her differentiator: spice/seasonings. I guess its the bane of the caterers (she is one), food looks good but tastes bland?

                      1. re: Cat Chow

                        I can't stand Amy. I think Nikki would have fared better if she had time to stick around and get comfortable, and get a little coaching.

                2. I finally got a chance to see this episode last night. Man, how pathetic was Columbe? She obviously can't cook and was just hoping to get on TV. I liked her the first episode and her butternut squash dish even looked intriguing, but she went downhill fast. And Tommy just had to go. Her was over the top and definitely not made for TV. Maybe radio?

                  And these folks have to get over the homesick thing. We don't want to hear it. Do they honestly think that they'll have a normal home life if they win?

                  1. I missed the beginning just who was it that Tommy did not want to be away from; his parents or his kids?

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                    1. re: Withnail42

                      Both. He'd NEVER been away from either for more than a week.

                      1. re: heathermb

                        Okay the man clearly has issues. What did he think was going to happen if he won the competition?

                        1. re: Withnail42

                          I guess he just didn't know how he'd do without being with them. He might have thought he'd be OK for such an experience.

                          1. re: momjamin

                            Aside from how he thought it would be, I just can't believe a grown man has never been away from his family for more than a week. Blows my mind!

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                              I'm all for close families but for a grown man never to have been away from his parents for more than a week and cry about it, is just...well disturbing. I have theory that men who go around sucking on unlit cigars have 'issues'. This only strengthens it.

                              1. re: Withnail42

                                I'm sure the producers were well aware of his potential "separation" issues and thought it would make for good drama/tv.