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Jun 17, 2007 07:46 PM

The Nat Porter closing?

I was in Warren, RI last night at Nat Porter's and was sad to hear that June 30th will be their last day in business.

Has anyone heard where the chef is going or what will be moving in?

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  1. They aren't actually going anywhere... just closing. Sad.

    1. Nigel, the chef, is I believe doing carpentry/construction work for a while. Needs a break from the food biz, I guess. Nothing has moved in yet. With a price of $850K in this market think it could be a while, though I do hear rumors of some sort of upscale wood grilled pizza place looking at the location. Have to sell a lot of pizza to meet that monthly nut. Besides, we already have a GREAT wood grilled pizza place in Warren - Feast Or Famine on Main St. Also - if you're coming to Warren by all means try Stella Blues on Water St. - Simple food, well prepared and served at more than reasonable prices - Great people, too!! Enjoy!!

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        Upscale wood grilled pizza??

        That spot should by turned back into an inn. That space was underutilized, did they ever use the upstairs??

      2. Heard a rumor that Nat Porter is opening up again by the end of September under new ownership and it will NOT be wood grilled pizza. From what I hear the new chef has prepared a great menu. I am looking forward to dining there again.

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          Just read in local paper that it is being opened by the same 2 guys that own/operate Trendy's Pizza in Barrington.