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Jun 17, 2007 06:55 PM

Saul's in Berkeley

I was just watching the Bay Cafe on Chron and they profiled Saul's in Berkeley. I searched the posts and the most recent is from '06. Has anyone been lately? I am curious - how is the food? What should I order?


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  1. You must have missed it.There have been a downhill alert and really bad reports in last few months. Search again.

    1. Well, I guess people don't read chowhound or ignore the downhill reports because it was packed today when I passed by.

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      1. re: choctastic

        There are long waits at Cheesecake Factory too. Doesn't make it good.

        The report was there's a totally new kitchen staff within the last few weeks. The pastrami was somewhat of a disaster ... which is a shame ... because that's my favorite so far in the Bay Area.

      2. While I've never thought it a "Chowhound gem," I think it's a decent place to have lunch or breakfast. I work in the area, so it's not a destination spot for me.

        I usually get the deli hash, Niman Ranch burger (good fries) or the special sandwich (on an Acme roll).

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        1. re: SLRossi

          So have you noticed any change recently?

          1. re: rworange

            Nope. I think I last ate there on 6/6.

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              My last meal there about 2 months ago was a disaster.While my pastrami sandwich was ok my wife's latke's were cold and and my BIL's dinner was described as lukewarm and tasteless. When he mentioned as his entree was placed before him that he hadn't gotten his soup he was asked "Would you like it now?" I guess if he had had a Peking Duck he could have had it as a last course but he declined. I repeat my last meal there.

          2. Last time we were there several unsupervised children were running around the restaurant and the backseating area generally seemed like a poorly-run daycare center. The parents seemed like they could not care less. We began to get headaches even before our order was taken and we left.

            1. Oh it got so bad we stopped going. The steak used to be delicious but the last 2 times it was so salty you couldn't eat it. The manager was libid when we complained. The corned beef was fattier than ever before even when we ordered it lean. It was like day and night we don't know what happened. No we don't go there anymore. Yes it was crowded when we went so maybe people didn't mind the fact the food had gone downhill.

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              1. re: rightstar

                my friend use to work there for years+, and i've been there maybe 10-20 times over the past few years(sweet employee discount)

                within the past 6 mo i know for sure they hired a new head chef (the one that oversees the menu) and im pretty sure there was a change in management. same owners but something happened, i cant remember what. my friend was telling me of alot of firings/changes in the regular staff too, i dont know the extent though.

                1. re: ihateregs

                  I just went there for the first time and thought it was excellent. It was packed on a Saturday evening at 6 PM. I will definitely be going back the next time I'm up at Berkeley.