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Jun 17, 2007 06:36 PM

Amy's Omelette House in Long Branch

It may seem that all I do of late is complain. However in the case of Amy's I need to set the record straight. Let's begin with some hard and true facts. Let it be known that Amy's makes some of the best omelettes and pancakes around. I discovered Amy's only recently and have been going quite regularly for the past month or so. Each time I have been there however, the experience has gotten worse and worse. Today was the last straw. The service has been atrocious and the management couln't care less. Items would be forgotten off of orders; some kids' meals would be delivered literally 15 minutes apart, etc. I've put up with these issues because the food is good. Today we tried to go for a late breakfast/ early lunch. Obviously we knew they would be crowded for father's day. When we got there, the waiting area up front was unbearably hot. I spoke to the hostess, who I later found out was Amy, and asked about the lack of AC. She advised that while it was broken up front it was working fine in the dining room. We were then told that the wait would be 15 minutes for our party. We then proceeded to wait over an hour for the table. Having waited all that time we couldn't just go to another place. Without any apology for our delay, we were seated at a very cramped table for our party. Next we find that the AC was barely if even operating. This was ridiculous. Had we known this fact, we would have never waited. I discussed this fact with Amy who only apologized. This is unconscionable in my eyes. It looked like an operating room with people using their napkins to remove the sweat from their foreheads. The topper again was the waitress serving half the table their meals and leaving the other half including some of my kids waiting for 10 minutes before theirs were served. I'm sorry but I will never return. Its a shame as I will miss those omelettes and pancakes. Be warned.

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  1. Sorry you had a bad experience there. Evidently, they cant handle large crowds. We've been there several times this year and have not had a problem except consistency. The weekday cook is better then the weekend one. We only order breakfast food and sandwiches, though. I also use coupons to save money. 15 or 20% depending on the day. Since I live down the street from Amy's I tend to put up with small issues for its convenient location.

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    1. re: tom porc

      tom - Its not just there inability to handle the large crowds. Clearly that's a given and something I could overlook. Its their total lack of customer care exhibited by the owner and management which makes me want to never return.

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        i do not like amy's. i have to agree that the service was lousy. i stopped going there about two months ago.

    2. can you share where this is located?

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        Sorry mschow. I tried to change the title after I wrote the entry however the edit feature will not permit any change to the thread title. Anyway, Amy's is located in Ursula Plaza on Ocean Blvd in Long Branch.

      2. bgut1, I had the best pancakes ever (sorry Nana) at Richard's in West End recently. We had previously only had sandwiches. Maybe they can fill your new void.

        1. From what I understand, Amy's family are the original proprietors of Mariner's Cove and their 300+ omelets. Although Amy's is closer to me, I still prefer the original..

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            Thanks fershore - I never knew Richards also served breakfast. I too have only had the sandwiches.
            joonjoon - I had heard the same thing about the family ownership of the restaurants. I've never been to Mariners understanding that Amy's is more accessible during summer weekends.

            1. re: joonjoon

              I have not been to Amy's but I do have to tell you after reading this post - it is hard to believe the same family runs both places - I frequent Mariner's Cove and the staff and management go to great lengths to accomadate by disabled SO - food is great!

              1. re: tuxedo

                Sorry Tuxedo but I think its true. How else would you explain the same menus? I don't know too many places that offer 200 different kinds of omelettes. No disagreement about the food BTW.

                1. re: bgut1

                  To clarify, I believe Amy's family started Mariner's but sold it years ago. I do like the ownership and staff at Mariners.

                  On a brighter note, what's everyone's favorite omelette at Mariner's/Amy's? I love their mexican style omelettes with chili, sour cream, etc etc. Yum!

                  1. re: joonjoon

                    Oh I love the country style belly busters with hot sauce and rye toast!! Lives up to its name.

                    1. re: joonjoon

                      The vegetarian omelette with egg whites also enjoy their sausage, ham and bacon omelette. Although I give their pancakes a good time.

                      1. re: tom porc

                        A decent little breakfast srop in LB is North Beach Grill. Very small, good food and creative specials. The crowd is big on the weekend and service is always a little on the slow side (you will understand why when you see the size of the kitchen), but the food is good. I NEVER liked Amy's omlettes, they were just a gaint plate of scrambled eggs with stuff in it. I like mine thick and fluffy and the best I have found are at cask 591 on there lunch menu.

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                          Decided to let bygones be bygones and give Amy's another chance this weekend. Truth be told I really like their food and had no where else to go. While the service wasn't great, the A/C was working and the food was good as usually. Until someplace better comes along I guess I'll just have to swallow my pride, along with some great omlettes and pancakes, and keep going.

                          1. re: bgut1

                            The place is comfortable and has a large selection of breakfast and lunch food. We go there when we dont have a lot of time or money.

                            And being less than a mile away from home is a big plus. Sometimes I dont feel like driving.

                            Of course, you can always give Dino's a try.

              2. Yes, the food is good, but the service has deteriorated to the point that my friends and I have sworn never to return.
                Yesterday, we waited so long for water and menus, a (male) friend finally flagged a waiter to get some attention. A hostess appeared with menus, the friend joked "Finally!", we laughed and she just took the drink orders - - not a hint of "sorry for the wait". The (male) server finally appeared (not aware that his "tip meter" was already ticking downward).
                After ordering, I went out to get something from my car and when passing the hostesses, I asked if they were short-handed, one said "No, we're fine." I told them we were concerned because it had taken so long . . . "No, we're fine." was the only reply. Another opportunity for good customer relations wasted by not expressing any concern. Food arrived, two of the three dishes were not prepared as ordered but we accepted them, not wanting to spend any additional time there. We had already agreed that no matter how good the food was, we were never going back.
                When finished, we waited so long for someone to appear with the check, we amused ourselves with, every few minutes or so, one of us would say “Would you like a take-away container for that?”, “Are you ready for dessert?”, etc. When one of us said ”Jeesh, do we have to TACKLE someone to get the bill?”, we simultaneously - and silently - picked up our things and walked out. No one said a word to us.
                It was only when we were leaving that I learned that the people at the very boisterous booth a few feet from ours included waiters hanging out with their friends between their duties. Can you make up stuff like this?
                The management must want to go out of business!

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                1. re: jpiinctfsbw

                  jpiinctfsbw - I completely understand your frustration with their service and your intention never to return. As you can see from the above posts, I too swore never to go back but have done so recently as so few options exist in the area.

                  1. re: jpiinctfsbw

                    So did you end up not paying? Awesome!

                    1. re: joonjoon

                      To add to the bad service posts, I just talked to a friend who ate at Amy's yesterday - who confirms that their service was indeed terrible. What a shame.

                      1. re: joonjoon

                        I must have hit the place on their good days. Dont recall any such delays or major problems. Then again we dont expect stellar service from a place where our lunch bill is less than $10.

                        1. re: tom porc

                          Tom - While I agree that stellar service is not expected nor required, I demand "basic" service whether I'm spending $.75 for a glass of soda or $15 on a breakfast. As I've noted in my posts (and confirmed by others) Amy's doesn't get it done. I guess you've been lucky.

                    2. re: jpiinctfsbw

                      While you didnt receive great service, I'm not sure leaving without paying was justified.

                      I do hope someone stopped at the cashier to pay on the way out.