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Nov 14, 2005 12:51 AM


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anybody been to Graffiti or Central Market in Petaluma?

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  1. Here's a link to my post on Graffiti. Only tried two small dishes, but liked them both a lot. There's potential here and the outdoor seating is very pleasant on a nice day.


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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      What is the name of the BBQ place on the northeast side of Petaluma, off McDowell Aveneu? It sits in a strip mall (but, then again everything on the east side of Petaluma sits in a strip mall!).

      1. re: DavidT

        It's Jerome’s Mesquite Bar-B-Que, 1390 N. McDowell. It's a real restaurant, not a "joint", for better or worse. I was there recently and had their pork ribs and beef ribs. I thought the pork ribs were pretty good, but didn't like the beef ribs. I should say that I'm not really familiar with beef ribs and others on this forum have loved their beef ribs.

    2. I've been to both; both are quite good. Central Market is somewhat less formal, with good, New Orleans-inspired food (the chef is from there) and I liked the wine list because it describes the wines amusingly and informatively. Good place for deep, rich flavors. Graffiti has great soups (as reported by Melanie Wong) and I have enjoyed the pasta, while my partner was positive about the fish. Not cheap, cute bar with a good view, a little fancier (thus pricier) than Central Market. Both are assets to Petaluma.

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      1. re: Marsha

        Hey Marsha, please keep us posted on your chowing around Petaluma. Seems like there've been a rash of new openings to talk about. Wish I made it to town more often, as I've never had a bad meal in Petaluma.

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          Will do. We are truly very spoiled in Petaluma; it's never a question of what might be good tonight, but what kind of goodness are we in the mood for. I'll try to post usefully.

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        Carri O'Neill

        Eleven friends and I just ate at Central Market last Friday, and my experience was fantastic. Unfortunately, I was so overwhelmed with the food that I ordered that I cannot offer much of a report on anyone else's meals. That said, I had the roasted quail, and it was by far the best quail that I have ever eaten. It was pan roasted and served with a zinfandel reduction with saba and a fig ricotta crostina. Wow! I started with a arugula and baby beet salad with Vella dry jack cheese shavings and a balsamic vinaigrette. My husband had the seafood sausage made with salmon and shrimp, and it came with a remoullade sauce and rice made with seafood stock. He loved it (though he loved my quail more). Another winner was the very generous trout salad with butterleaf lettuce, house-smoked trout, fuji apples, cranberries, and creamy mustard seed dressing. I seem to recall hearing raves from someone who had ordered a steak, but I don't remember anything particular except that it looked really good. All in all, it was a great experience, and I'm going back for that quail.

        1. I just moved up to Sonoma County from Los Angeles... and while I hate to say it.... so far its been a drop in quality (for my palette).... even John Ash was a dissappointment (especially for our first anniversary!)

          ...BUT! Graffiti is one of the first surprises here. The last time I was there I had the Mushroom Broth (very nice) & the Black & Bleu Filet with Capellini (very indulgant & sublime)... a small Filet Mignon grilled Rare served over Capellini in a Gorgonzola-Creme Sauce... at $13 (lunch)... I don't know how anyone can label this place expensive???

          They also have a very good Wine List (price, interesting & quality)... they even have a screwtop called "Reds" that is surprisingly nice.

          1. I have been to Central Market several times, and it has been consistently excellent food, service and atmosphere.