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Jun 17, 2007 06:28 PM

need wonderful special lunch way downtown

Big anniversary this week -- we've been married more years than many on this site have been born. We've decided to take a weekday and "travel" downtown to Tribeca or Soho or even the Financial district, where we hardly ever go. We want a delicious lunch -- not too stuffy or formal, but quiet enough for our aging ears. (DH doesn't eat fish, so it can't be all fish.) I've got Chanterelle on my list but sounds too formal. Is it? I'd love something "fun" but noisy (like Artisinal) is no good. My favorite restaurant is Le Bernadin -- I can insist on my birthday but not an anniversary. Any ideas? Will reservations be a problem on a Thursday lunch?

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  1. Congratulations!

    Chanterelle is amazing. Dining room is very formal. What about The Harrison if you haven't already been? Not quite as upscale as Chanterelle.

    What about the Ritz?

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    1. re: financialdistrictresident

      What about the Ritz???? Location works. I never thought about the Ritz until about two minutes ago when I read someone's suggestion to have a drink there. Is this Ritz as stuffy as other Ritz diningrooms? What's the food like?

      Also what about some upscale ethnic -- Turkish, for instance.

      1. re: elizabeth2929

        I have never been to the Rise Bar. I have only had lunch at the Ritz. We actually ate downstairs off the lobby (not in main dining room) and it felt relaxed and casual for such a lovely hotel. I think it was on a Saturday or Sunday so a weekday might be different. They also have high tea. Don't remember what we had. Service was relaxed ( might not be good if you are in a hurry but perfect for a special occasion). Everything was delicious, beautifully presented. What I remember most was that when I asked for something special for my mentee's birthday (I forgot to call ahead) it was not a problem and they did not charge me for the dessert (hotel policy). The Ritz is the only hotel that received the Malcolm B. award and based on my experience there I know why.

    2. Is just across the Brooklyn Bridge too "downtown" for you? Just one more stop (Clark Street on the 2/3; High St on the A) via subway than the financial/city hall district. If you'll go that extra stop, lunch at the River Café should be perfect. Jacket is required for men, but it otherwise it is much more charming than stuffy.