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Jun 17, 2007 06:24 PM

Good Restaurants in LA for a Bachelorette Party

I'm getting the girls together for a bachelorette party, so good food and drinks are in order. We're looking for good food that's not too expensive (entrees between $15-35, preferably) and that has a nice atmosphere. Bride's favorite foods are seafood (though not everyone loves seafood, so there need to be other options!) and italian food, though French food or California Cuisine would also work. Most of us live near downtown, but any location in LA would be ok (will be going out either in Santa Monica or N. Hollywood area afterword, but we're going to rent a limo, so location isn't limited).

Many thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. World Cafe just sprang to mind .... food is fine, nothing to crow about, but it's fun and lively and near lots of places you might want to hit afterward.

    Let me put it this way -- girls' nights out there have always been a blast.

    Sounds like a great evening. Have fun in the limo!

    1. I'd probably do AOC Wine Bar
      Asia de Cuba fits that entree price range as well

      1. Chaya Venice on Main Street in Venice would seem perfect. Drinks are good, the scene is good, the food is really good. You'd have a good time...

        1. I think AOC is a great suggestion, and I second it wholeheartedly. There's seafood on the menu, but it's Mediterranean so there's also going to be non-seafood items. Also, with the small plates concept, it's fun to order a whole bunch and then share. And with it being a wine bar, well, what group outing wouldn't love a wine bar?

          1. La Terza, Angelini Osteria, All 'Angelo ---- all Italian places with seafood on the menu. Other recos: Upstairs 2, La Tasca, Lou.