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Jun 17, 2007 06:23 PM

Breakfast in Simsbury/Avon?

Any ideas, other thn Friendlys? Breakfast appears to be a culinary wastlend here. Philadelphi Chowhound grateful for all suggestions.

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  1. Hi - there's a good breakfast place in Simsbury called the Harvest Bakery - it's on Rte 202, I believe.

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      I work in Simsbury/Avon on RT 10...frankly the area has become so gentrified that aside from the chains up near the mall on Rt 44...and a few of the big hotels...Avon Old Farms Hotel...there is not much...a couple of weak suggestions...

      I know this sounds too simple...Lukes of the last places where they are made from Scratch...take 44 towards Canton...turn left at the intersection where the Mobil Station and McDonalds are...about a mile down on the right.

      But to be honest...we make the short treck over the mountain to Quaker Diner on Park St in West Hartford...atmosphere and great normal breakfast food.

      I know someone will have better ideas..I didn;pt want you to starve.

    2. Hi! Ok....I have the answer for you between the suggestions you've received. I live within walking distance of Quaker Lane Diner (on Park Road) and we often drive right past it to go to the Harvest on Route 10 in Simsbury. It's not fancy, no frills at all but they make fantastic food. Stuff like banana bread french toast, popeye fritatta (with spinach and goat cheese). It's awesome.

      I LOVE Quaker Lane diner but it's your basic breakfast. Nothing wrong with that but wouldn't you like to go back to Philly and say "dang I had the greatest breakfast in Simsbury, CT". Thought so. ENJOY!

      1. Thanks to all, but DRAT, the hotel clerk gave us imprecise directions to find Harvest Bakery, and we didn't find it! So, next time, as we come up to that area often. BTW, the Marriot Residence Inn, tucked invisibly off Route 10, also off Climax Rd. is a great place to stay in general, but particularly for the handicapped (neato bathrooms) and those with dogs, as they do permit animals.

        We ate in a Diner in Plainsville, off Route 10, just before Route 84, and it was quite satisfactory, but nothing special.

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          Just had to get Climax Rd into the discussion huh? I always wondered who named that street...Masha us right about Harvest...excellent stuff...I had forgetten about it.

          I think the valley has so many commuters...that the weekday business is slow so the weekends don;t cut it for the local business to make any money...just my opinion...and the resoidence Inn was a nail in the coffin for Avon Old Farms, Simsbury Inn and Simsbury House...can;t compete.

        2. The Harvest in Simsbury is very, very good- we went there for the first time today thanks to the recommendation here, and were so pleased. Thanks for the suggestion!