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Canned chilpotle sauce ... what to do ?

I have a 7ounce can of La Morena homemade style chilpotle sauce that I am trying to put to good use. Should I use it on pork ribs? Can I use it somehow included with macaroni and cheese too? (Saw this in another thread). How about egg recipes? I'm up for whatever suggestions you might have. TIA. [See image of product included with this thread].

Also, this might help ---> http://store.amigofoods.com/lamopr.html

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  1. Tinga de pollo, good in the pork version too. Spice up some ham salad using leftover ham.

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      Yes Tinga is an excellent way to use the chipotle. but doubt you can use the whole can. Freeze the rest or make enchiladas to eat later on.( you can freeze the enchiladas)
      I have used them in so many things, mac and cheese, mix it with cream cheese, and a good melting cheese for a different nacho, or spread and or on a baked potato.
      Salad dressings and with a mexican rice. Just have to use it as an addition not the entire pepper....You could mix the sauce into a bread mix for a great flat like focaccia and top with with cheese and onion. Last resort freeze small portions to use later..

    2. I'm the mac and cheese girl. I just added the chipotle in adobo to the cheese sauce before adding the pasta and baking. Spicy!

      1. You can try this, I copied & pasted this recipe from Nyleve:

        "This is so good but I dare not make it too often because I can eat nearly a whole pan by myself. Delicious and easy.

        Chipotle Sweet Potatoes
        4 cups whipping cream
        1 (or more - your call) canned chipotle pepper
        6 medium sweet potatoes, peeled and thinly sliced
        salt and pepper

        Preheat the oven to 350 F.

        In a blender, puree the cream and chipotle until smooth.

        In a 9 x 13-inch rectangular baking dish arrange a fourth of the sweet potatoes, season to taste with salt and pepper, and pour a fourth of the cream over all. Repeat with the remaining potatoes and cream, forming 4 layers.

        Bake, uncovered, for 1 hour, or until the cream has been absorbed and the potatoes are browned. (May be prepared up to 1 day ahead, covered, and refrigerated - reheat until heated through but not dried out.)

        Makes 8 to 10 servings.

        Nyleve Aug 31, 2006 07:20PM"

        Babette, here:I made this again yesterday. IMHO the creme could be cut in half--I used 3 cups & it ended up oily. I used 2 chipotle chiles & would use 3 or 4 next time. People loved it as is, though. Not sure how much of the chipotle sauce you should add--you'd have to taste the cream mixture.

        1. Warning! Don't use more than one or two peppers at a time, if you use the whole can it will be inedible! When recipes say "1 canned chili", they mean one pepper, not one can. I learned the hard way.

          1. Yes, use sparingly at first! A little goes a long way, they are fantastic. I used them most recently in this dish, Crisp Chipotle Shrimp with Corn and Scallions--we went nuts over this dish! Fresh corn is bountiful here in Florida right now. But you could easily just do the shrimp by itself coated with the chipotle mayonnaise then coated with panko crumbs, baked at a high temp for a crispy, spicy result:


            1. Hey Cheese Boy,

              I usually transfer the contents into a jar for later use, but I also make a puree out of another can. By pureeing chiles & sauce with olive oil, white vinegar, water & salt... you have a great base for marinades as needed whether you are going to make tinga or ribs. To make pork ribs... you can take your puree add some Mexican Oregano, Worcestire Sauce & sweeten it with honey, mango reduction, piloncillo, agave nectar etc., etc.,... use the unsweetened paste as a marinade, and the swetened, cooked paste to baste.

              1. Some ideas that have worked well:
                Mix with honey for pork rib or pork butt glaze.
                Add a touch to Spanish hot chocolate
                Use it in jambalaya (always a huge hit).
                Saute with onions and cumin for Fajita style chicken breast.
                Works very well as a smoky flavoring agent when doing vegetarian collard greens.

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                  "Add a touch to Spanish hot chocolate"

                  I might add Chipotle to Mexican hot chocolate but certainly not from a can... I don't think the garlic, onions, oregano & savory spices would jiive well with hot chocolate. However, this is a good candidate for powdered Chipotle or simply steeping a dried chipotle.

                2. I saute onion and garlic, and then add a can of black beans (rinsed and drained), water to cover, and chipotle to taste; simmer til thick. It makes a nice side dish to a Mexican meal, or filling for tacos, burritos, what have you.

                  1. You can transfer the unused portion of the can to a jar and refrigerate. They will last for months.

                    1. puree with garlic and lime for a meranade on Tri Tip or Flank steak.

                      I take one pepper and chop, green onion and add to scrambled eggs, top with cheese (mexican better)

                      Spices up a bake potatoe with sour cream..

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                        Oh yea... it really perks up a Potatoes Au Gratin... as well as a cream sauce for Shrimp & Linguini.

                      2. Thank you! What I value the most here is that I learned *not* to use the whole can!

                        Thanks for the heads up.

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                          add a bit to butter or margarine for an delectible spread for fresh cooked corn-on-the-cob.
                          I admit to cheating and making this 'chipotle' butter using Sriracha, a few drops of wood smoke seasoning and mixing it into Earth Balance margarine. Oh-so-good.

                        2. Both of these might sound really tacky but i am a fan and I mean that whole-heartedly:

                          Mix with tuna and mayo and you have a cool filling for toasted crusty bread sandwich with chips!

                          If you have leftover sausages (heheh!!) you chop them up real thin and fry them with a lot of garlic and chipotle. Right after you take them off the stove squeeze a couple of limes on top. It is yummy!

                          I have made pasta with it, using some chorizo and basil. Make sure to have a very light salad to go with it!.

                          Oh.. and you could thin it with some water/chicken broth and make a sauce for a sunny-side up egg which is layered over a fried tortilla.

                          Let us know!

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                            Make a cream sauce with the chipotle, served crab cakes over the sauce with an avocado salsa on top of the crab cake. The avocado cuts some of the spiciness from the chipotle and compliment crab cakes beautifully.