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Jun 17, 2007 06:05 PM

Burlington, Vermont

ROAD TRIP.....July 16th.....Driving the Kancamagus across New Hampshire and then into Burlington for a one night stay. Picking up the ferry into New York in the morning. Would like suggestions of places to stay and EAT in downtown Burlington or very close vicinity. Clean and reasonable lodging but great food and drink mosy important.

Also, any suggestions for the drive to Burlington......

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  1. I'd recommend the Green Room for downtown Burlington.

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    1. re: Jestner

      Thanks...Can you expand on that? What is the menu like? Any suggestions on lodging?

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        After some research, I just booked a couple of nights for later this month at the Bel Aire on 7, not far from downtown Burlington. It's cheap and it sounds like decent lodging. Not the Marriott or Holiday Inn, just a local joint. Here's a link to reviews and contact info:

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          Spend a few extra bucks and stay downtown at either the new Marriott or The Wyndham. Both are within walking distance to Church Street that has dozens of eating options. Some of the highlights are Trattoria Delia (St. Paul St.), L'Amante (College St.), Taste (Lake St), and many more pubs and restaurants. PArk the car, check in, and relax. Not threat of a DWI either in the land of the .08 BAC !

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            Thanks for replies.....Staying downtown is exactly what we want.I have been to Burlington once several years ago and I stayed across town and took a cab to Church St. and had a lovely meal at a Bistro type place. TonyO , you made several suggestions for dinner...what's your first choice?

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              I don't recommend the Bel Aire for lodging, but for dinning Trattoria Delia is a can't miss for interesting Italian, Leunigs Bistro is also safe

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                Depends on the type of food you like but Trattoria Delia is a great place. They only serve beer and Italian wine but the list is extensive and fairly priced (and I think there is a plce next door that has a full bar if you want a premeal cocktail). Check out their website at If an option other than Italian is your preference I would choose Single Pebble (Asian), or Taste (hard to describe (www.tasteofburlington).

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                  See below response but be sure to check out the website for Taste. That would likely be a place you would really enjoy based on atmosphere and food quality.

                  1. re: TonyO

                    Wow! Thanks again. I looked at both sites....maybe apps at Delia and dinner at Taste !! LOL. My husband looked at Delia and said "looks like food you cook." Considering we are having a porciini cream sauce on parpadelle for supper and had orichette and broccoli rabe last week.

                    I do very much appreciate your help...we are very much looking forward to our trip and eating our way through!

                    1. re: FoodisArt

                      Enjoy ! Burlington is continually evolving and the level of restaurants keeps improving. Your idea of splitting courses between restaurants is something we have done more than once !

        2. If you don't mind leaving Burlington, I like the Sauce and The Bearded Frog in Shelburne, VT. They are both well worth the 15-20 minute drive out of town. In Burlington Daily Planet is great. If you are into Brazilian BBQ try Souzas. The half bar on Church street is a fun place for unique drinks.

          1. I would suggest that you take the Grand Isle Ferry which is north of Burlington and onlly about a 15 to 20 minute crossing. The drive is pretty and the crossing from Burlington docks to Port Kent takes about an hour. It is really pretty too. The Grand Isle ferry decants you on to Cuberland Head NY with a direct shot to I 87 if you are heading north to Montreal or south to Plattsburgh, Lake Placid, Albany and beyond. The reason for the Grand Isle ferry is that as you come off of Cumberland Head and cross Rt. 9 to I 87 Gus' Red Hots will be directly on your right at the intersection. Plattsburgh has a very unique chili dog called either a Michigan or a Red Hot. in Gus' it is a red hot. This is very unique to Clinton County. The sauce is very dense and not soupy. If you want it with onions order it "buried" that means that the onions are placed in the bottom of the bun under the hot dog and don't fall off into your lap. Fries are traditonally served with cider vinegar but you can get catsuup if you want it. I don't care if it is breakfast time. Stop there. On the other side of the lake is the Culinary Institute. There is a formal dining room and a cafe and is in the Colchester area. Very fine eating dining in either venue. I wish I was getting a trip "home" this summer.

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              The "fine" dining at NECI is absolutely AWFUL. Our last expereince there was so bad I wrote them a letter and they did not even take the time to call back to address the issues. I will never spend another dine in the CIA wannabe slophouse.

              1. re: TonyO

                Sorry you had a bad experience. We've never had one, ever. It has always been top notch and a fine meal.

                1. re: Candy

                  And just a post note...we need to be in Schenectady,N.Y. at cocktail best friend's home and then to dinner at Ferrarie's in Schenectady. A hole in the wall family run restaurant that has been there forever but still does "homemades"(that's what we call their homemade pasta) AND an unforgettable red sauce which I think I have closely duplicated thanks to Zimmerman's and Mario.

                  1. re: FoodisArt

                    I have some fond childhood memories of Ferrari's (on Congress St I think). Simple yet delicios parms and pastas. Nothing like it here in VT. It used to be there or Petta's , Canali's, John Riccitello's, or Cornell's. All GREAT !

                  2. re: Candy

                    I like the pub at NECI but Butler's was horrid. Too bad NECI on Church ST. closed as it was a nice option downtown (especially for lunch).

                2. re: Candy

                  Candy...You are my kind of Chowhounder!! I think your info about the ferry AND dogs for breakfast has just changed our itinerary ever so slightly! This is a short trip "home" for me...Portsmouth, Portland and into New York....Saratoga, Schenectady and then into Boston. All places that I have lived, explored and chowed in. The fun part is my darling husband (2 yrs. wed) has only experienced a quick Portsmouth/Portland trip with me and now we will add to his world! With people like you and TonyO it will be a new adventure for me too!! Grazie!!

                  1. re: FoodisArt

                    If you need any tips on Schenectady let me know. I lived in Schenenectady, Niskayuna, Colonie for many years. Gus's is worth a stop. Clare and Carl's is good too if it hasn't sunk into the ground yet. Beansie's Bus (yes, it is an actual school bus) parked in Burlington has Michigan's and fresh cut fries as well.

                    1. re: TonyO

                      There is also Al's Fryes in Burlington too but no Michigans. i lived in Latham for awhile. I don't know what is there anymore but there is some excellent Italian eating in the area. We sadly miss that in the midwest. Always looking for an excuse for a trip "home".

                      1. re: Candy

                        I too lived in the Schenectady/Nisky/Saratoga area for many years. I have a list of places to take my husband. A couple of hot dog places, Albany Pork Store in Schenectady,Ferrarie's, and a few others. Mostly long time hole in the least those still remaining! Also going to Cooperstown to the Baseball Hall of Fame ( GO Red Sox!) and need a lunch suggestion.
                        I am amused as to how serious New Englanders take food!! I know well as I am from OLD Mainiacs. I have been posting on the mid-west board as my son lives in Indy and is getting married in August and I have been looking for help with caterers etc. Not a lot of response. My son is really concerned that that his wedding reception will be " meatballs and relish trays" . (Not even called crudite' :) ) I had offered to do the food (50 ppl.) but have no place to prepare it as the wedding will be held at his father and stepmother's home and , well , I am sure you can guess the deal.LOL! Too bad!!

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                          You might contact Restaurant Tallent in Bloomington, (812) 330-9801. Their food is exceptional and they do cater. Whether they would go to Indy I don't know but they should be able to give you some good suggestions If you call ask to speak to Krissy, she is the general manager. They are connected to a lot of chefs in the area. You can tell her I suggested you contact her

                          Another thought is www.thecakeandthe caterer (812) 935-5606 Nick& Lisa Farkas is the name. They did an iincredible spread (donated no less) for a fund raising event I co-chair last January and have promised to do it again next January. He has a mobile kitchen so he may be willing to go to Indy.

                3. We stayed at the Wyndham, Downtown Burlington last year. It is the only decent hotel downtown. It is worth the extra money as you can walk to the waterfront that has a nice restaurant right on lake champlain. A couple of blocks behind the hotel you will find a street they turned into a pedestrian walkway with about half a dozen side walk cafe's and restaurants along with some shops. Really love it up there. Wish we were going with you.

                  Peter and Candi

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                    If you don't mind B&Bs, there are a couple of nice ones downtown:


                    I also recommend the Green Room... it's more like a Tapas bar, with small plates to share (like duck quesadillas with fruit salsa). The drinks are inventive and fabulous. It might be a good stop for drinks and apps, or even dessert (their flourless chocolate torte is amazing.


                    If you're looking for Michigans, Beansie's bus is the best. Here's a recent post about it:

                    1. re: katiepie

                      Also, the Green Room no longer has a website, but here's an article about it:


                      Magnolia is a new breakfast/lunch option that is also fabulous:


                      1. re: katiepie

                        I second Magnolia..... best breakfast in the city.

                  2. If you're taking 302 into VT and then getting on 89 in Barre, you're going to pass by the P&H Truck Stop, which is certainly not fine dining, but has some great food just the same. They make all their own bread and desserts. I've actually had a friend make me fly to NYC with one of their maple cream pies!

                    It's in Wells River, VT, right at intersection of Rte 302 and Exit 17 off I-91.

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                      Thanks for that Mimi B !! It might work out for lunch! I am one of those that firmly believes GREAT food can come forth on many different planes. The most important is fresh,quality ingredients well prepared. I don't care if it's grilled cheese or foie gras long as it is REAL food and well put together.