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Jun 17, 2007 05:54 PM

Need a great downtown steahouse

Birthday dinner after theater for a picky steak eater. Help!

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  1. I like Bob's Steak and Chop. Not necessarily the best atmosphere but I love their Bone in KC Strip as well as their Lamb chops. Haven't tried the other steaks yet but all my friends loved theirs. I preferred Bob's over Bobo's, Morton's and Ruth Chris. I've only tried Harris's once and I ate at the bar. Didn't remember it standing out but I reserve judgment till I give it another chance.

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      I've never been to Harris's or Ruth Chris but I definitely like Bobo's more than Bob's or Morton's. In fact, I would vouch that Bobo's has the best steak in town. I haven't tried every steak in San Francisco, but in the last 5 years I have lived here I have not come accross a steak that beats Bobo's NY bone in let alone their fillet mignon.

    2. Here's a recent steakhouse thread with a lot of ideas.

      1. If you enjoy an old school steakhouse, I suggest Harris' (consistently great service & food plus nice bar) or Alfred's Steakhouse (great atmosphere & bar, and good steak selection). I've tried pretty much all the steak places in SF and these two are my favorites. Also worthwhile are Acme (at the ballpark), Bobo's (although I find it expensive; especially given the informal atmosphere) and Bob's. I think Morton's and Ruth's Chris are decent, but over-rated.

        1. Leatherneck has a great view and, at 609 Sutter, is near theatre row.

          1. Assuming you mean downtown SF, Bob's isn't bad, though they do give you a rather large carrot (depending on the maturity level of you group, you may get a few giggles) with the steaks. Basic steakhouse fare, not too stuffy.

            Alfred's is your old school steak house. A bit stuffy, but the food is good. They have a 60oz Porterhouse on the menu if you're particularly hungry (though it takes longer to prepare).

            Bobo's isn't really downtown, but if it's within your distance, they're my favorite steak in the city, followed closely by Harris's (also not really downtown). A more laid back atmosphere, and their bone-in cuts are great.

            Haven't been to Morton's or Ruth's Chris, since I'm not too big on large chains for nicer meals.

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              NB - The 60oz. porterhouse has long since been taken off the menu, but not to worry, it is still available as a special order.