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Jun 17, 2007 05:54 PM

pork shoulder

Can anyone recommend a butcher or super market meat counter that sells pork shoulder (to make pulled pork). Preferably on the east side of Manhattan. Thanks you..

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  1. Sorry, it's not on the east side but I usually get pork from Esposito pork store (9th & 38th). Great service and very decent prices.

      1. re: akk

        Todaro Bros on 2nd ave and 31st street. I get mine there.

        1. re: princeofpork

          Would these places have fresh bacon/pork belly by any chance?

          1. re: foodmonk

            I've seen niman ranch slab bacon in the better markets. Flying pigs farm at the union square market also has really great stuff. You can call them to make sure they have what you need in stock,

      2. I would recommend calling Simchick's 1st avenue between 51st & 52nd. A great eastside butcher that has been around for years.

        1. Have you checked your local supermarket? It's commonly available. Certainly, you'll find it in any supermarket where there is a Hispanic community of any size: east side, from 23rd down, really. Or 110th up.

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            I second Wilfrid's suggestion. Most supermarkets by me have it regularly and it is very inexpensive. You won't see a whole shoulder most likely (it's a big cut), but will find either a butt or a picnic shoulder which are both trimmed from the whole shoulder. The butt is a bit easier to work with and is a rectangular cut, the picnic looks a bit more like a ham and usually has some skin left on. It's easy to peel w/ a nice sharp blade.

            1. re: BackyardChef

              As would every market that sells meat in Chinatown. Usually no more than $3 per pound.