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Jun 17, 2007 05:37 PM

Kid-Friendly in Lancaster/Strasburg

My family (me, husband, 4 year-old, 20-month-old) will be arriving in Lancaster on Thursday and visiting Thomas the Tank Engine in Strasburg on Friday. We're coming from NJ via I-78 and staying at the Eden Resort.

Can you recommend a place to eat lunch on Thursday before we check into the hotel? Willing to drive a bit out of the way since we'll probably arrive well before the 3pm check-in time. Also looking for Friday lunch and dinner. We'll be staying in a suite, so take-out would work to.

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  1. You might like the Strasburg Creamery and Country Store on Main Street right on the square in Strasburg. They have hot and cold sandwiches and great homemade ice cream, and an old-fashioned country store with penny candy.

    The Greenfield Inn has wonderful food at dinner, and it's right off Route 30. (

    1. You might try Rockwells in Elizabethtown (not far). If the wait isn't long, request to eat outside--lots to look at and I think there's even a playground of sorts right on the deck(not completely sure about that as my playground days are over), and if you aren't worried about a heart attack, order rhino fries!

      1. for lunch any of the Isaacs locations would be ideal. Excellant soup and sandwiches. The Strasburg location on 741 in the Choo choo Barn complex would be closest, but on a Thomas weekend expect that to be mobbed. If I were you I'd go to their web site and visit one of the Lancaster Locations 9probably Greenfield Industrial Park)

        1. I second the recommendation for the Strasburg Creamery. I think that fits the bill perfectly and the family will enjoy it. For dinner, if you like Thai food, there is a good Thai restaurant on rt. 30 near the interstection of 896 called Lemon Grass. Very good food. Also, a few miles further west down rt. 30 is an Asian rest. called Olive and Jasmine Bistro (or something like that). ITs in with the Texas Roadhouse and a few other chains...but this isn't a chain. They have a great variety of Chinese/Japanese/Malaysian/Thai. Everything I've had there has been excellent. Very kid friendly too.


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            That sounds perfect! We love all types of Asian food. All of the recommendations have been very helpful. Thanks! Keep them coming!