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Jun 17, 2007 05:22 PM

San Pablo - Seafood House N' Donuts (20% off 6/17)

Located in Albertson's shopping center in the spot once occupied by L & L Hawaiian BBQ.

There's an extensive Cajun, seafood and steak menu.

I'm posting because of the opening special today, though all I had was a buttermilk bar.

There are poboy sandwiches (shrimp, seafood, catfish and grilled chicken)

Sitdown raw oysters come to San Pablo - 1/2 dozen $8.99. Other appetizers include: boil shrimp, shrimp cocktail, coconut shrimp, fried calamari, potato skins, stuffed japenos, cheesesticks and buffalo wings. The wings are available in sizes from 5 pieces to 30 pieces. Three flavors are noted but they don't mention the flavors on the take-out menu.

LIve crayfish are available by the pound and priced seasonally. Today they were $8.99 lb.

There's gumbo, crayfish etouffe, snow crab and fried soft shelled crab.

Grilled fish / meat: oysters, shrimp, scallops, flounder, stuffed flounder, catfish, cod, mahi mahi, tuna, snapper, stuffed snapper, salmon, stuffed salmon and chicken. Grilled items come with grilled veggie, dirty rice & salad.

Steaks include rib eye or t-bone and are served with grilled veggies, baked potato and salad. Burgers come with fries.

Fried items include: large shrimp, jumbo shrimp, oysters, catfish, crawfish tails, scallops, stuffed crab and popcorn shrimp. They are served with fries and salad.

The place opens at 5 am !!!

Besides the donuts they have breakfast croissants, muffins, danish and bagels.

They mention ice cream on the menu too. Don't know what kind. Other desserts are lemon pie, pecan pie, and cheesecake.

It is pretty standard donut shop donuts. I had other meal plans today so I just picked up a donut and menu. The buttermilk bar was large, light and good but lacked tang. I thought it was worth the 80 cents. Not greatness but very decent.

The decor is very casual ... a step up slightly from L & L. They still have the 'mahalo'.trash bins. Place orders at the counter next to the donut case. It is sort of Old Port Lobster Shack crossed with the Happy Donuts. Walls are painted deep sea blue and have a few nets and starfish for accent. There are wooden tables ... and the donut case.

The take-out menu says "Committed to serving quality seafood at an affordable price"

Lunch prices are about $1 less than dinner. Dinner prices range from $7.99 (gumbo) to $17.99 (t-bone). Most are in the $10 - $12 range. Buffalo wing prices range from $3.99 (5 pieces) to $17.99 for 30 pieces and three flavors.

I hope to get back there asap or someone else reports. Can't tell from the looks .Might be good. Might be average. But where else is there an American seafood house anywhere close to San Pablo? Nearest would be Rodeo or ... Albany (Cape Cod on Solano) ... and those joints are average to awful ... and don't sell donuts.

Seafood House N' Donuts

102 San Pablo Town Center
Albertson's shopping center
San Pablo, CA 94806
(510) 233-8019

Sun - Thurs: 5 am - 9 pm
Fri-Sat : 5 am - 10 pm

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  1. Had dinner there this evening. They've apparently changed the name and the menu -- they're now just "Seafood House", and the donuts appear to have vanished. Nothing on the signage or the menu, and I didn't see the donut case rw mentioned.

    They've also cut back the hours a bit. I guess no donuts means no reason to open at 5am. Current hours per the menu are:
    Sun-Thurs: 10am-9pm
    Fri-Sat: 10am-10pm

    "But how's the food," you ask? Pretty decent, actually.

    My wife and I had been craving fried catfish, so we both had that. In addition, I got an order of hushpuppies and, since I didn't realize that the catfish came with fries, I also got an order of onion rings.

    Let me say immediately that the fries were the biggest disappointment of the meal. Not crisp enough to appeal to those who like 'em crunchy, not thin-n-greasy enough for those who like them that way. Call 'em vanilla fries, and move on.

    The catfish was cooked well. Very tender and flaky, with no sign of overcooked rubber. The breading was, IMNSHO, not quite up to the strong flavor of the fish. Catfish tends to have a bit of a muddy taste, and it really needs a strong breading to match. This was much lighter, not quite a tempura style, but tending a bit in that direction.

    The onion rings were excellent. They used the same batter as the fish, but in a lighter, thinner coating which really allowed the caramelized onion flavor to come through. My wife almost *never* eats onion rings, but she swiped a large part of my order.

    The hushpuppies were also excellent, with a strong corn flavor and small bits of embedded onion to perk them up.

    Service was good, though nothing outstanding. Staff was pleasant and -- for those who think it important -- attractive.

    We'll definitely be going back, though probably not for the catfish. I definitely want to try some of the cajun choices: the crawfish etouffe and the gumbo are calling my name, as is the shrimp poboy. I might give the fried sole a shot, and even some of the grilled seafood could be worth a try when in a fish mood.

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    1. re: Solop

      Thanks for the report back and the tips about the great onion rings and hushpuppies.

      I'll have to give Seafood House a try. I'm not so much for eating too many fried things so it hasn't been high on my list to return for real food. However, it would be nice to have a decent place to get some grilled fish.

      I always thought though, that given some of their cajun leanings they should have had beinets and not donuts.

      Seafood House
      102 San Pablo Dam Road, San Pablo, CA

      1. re: rworange

        Went back for a return visit recently.

        The menu continues to evolve. The gumbo was either missing or hidden, so I went for the etouffe. Was reasonably tasty, but not world class.

        My wife tried the fried snapper, and declared it an improvement over the catfish; a much better match for the batter.

        And a friend had the grilled salmon. He liked it, but was not exactly awed. I believe his exact words were "It tastes like salmon." Hard to complain about that!