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Jun 17, 2007 04:56 PM

Chinese Food in Michigan

Hi Everyone . . i'm new to the state and i'm in desperate need of my fix of Chinese food. I am from LA so I'm used to authentic Chinese food =)
what area is there a big Chinese population? I'm assuming there would be the best food around there?


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  1. I'm gonna hope you are in metro Detroit because that's really all I know as far as asian goes , plus , this is a pretty huge state , so I'll do what I can . Well , first off , they demolished Detroit's Chinatown many decades ago to build an expressway , ( gotta love Detroit ) so there isn't really a centralized area . However , Metro Detroit is lucky to have quite a few very good asian markets . I really can't think of a truly authentic Chinese restaurant anywhere , most places are decidedly chinese-american , which isn't always bad , but not what you are looking for . So . I would suggest first going to the chinese markets that I am pretty comfortable are authentic and simply asking them where ( other than at home ) to get "real" chinese food . Most everybody around here is pretty darn friendly ( except for February , grrr ) so I'm sure anyone would by happy to point to in the right direction . I would suggest visiting my favorite place called ( go figure ) China Market , at 13 1/2 Mile Rd. and John R Rd. in Madison Heights . It's a great market , has that funky smell that you can't stand the first time you visit , but comes to smell like great food after a few visits . Think good market with live fish , crabs , sometimes eels , roosters and all sorts if squiggly things of questionable legality . As you can tell , I love the place . Anyway , they are right next door to a chinese restaurant , a chinese BBQ joint ( duck , chickens , and pork belly in the window ) a chinese bakery , a chinese laundry , a chinese kitchen supply place , you get the idea . Basically , a Detroit version of a little piece of a Chinatown . Go to the market , tell them what you are looking for , ( they are fluently at least trilingual ) and I am sure they would be more than happy to send you on your way . Welcome to town , trust me , as far as food goes , this place is WAY better than most of the world thinks . It's our little secret . BTW , the powers that be are working on a plan to construct a Chinatown-esqe area right downtown on the Detroit River . Personally , I'm a little skeptical , but it could be cool if it works .

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      hey thanks for all the info! i'll definatly check that place out!
      And yah, I'm living in the Detroit metro area now

    2. Hong Hua (in Farmington Hills) is pretty good for Hong Kong style Chinese food. The wonton soup noodles are especially good for lunch on weekends.

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        Or cross the river into Windsor. There should be a ton of authentic Cantonese places

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          alright . . looked up the menu! looks pretty good! can't wait to try!

        2. Golden Harvest 29900 Van Dyke Ave Warren, MI 48093 (586) 751-5288

          1. If you are ever up in the Flint area, there's a place up there called Cantonese Gourmet. I'm hardly a stickler for the 'authentic' Chinese food but this place is the stick to which I measure all other Chinese places. Their egg foo young is the best!

            1. China Ruby in Ferndale has been my favorite since they opened about 20 years ago. Don't expect any atmosphere, but trust me, the food here in unbelievable. Try the fried dumplings to start and then the lo mein, cashew chicken or general tso chicken. The portions are large and the prices are nearly the same as they were when they opened ($5 will get you a great lunch). You're only a stranger at this place once. Tina, on of the owners will remember you and what you order. Sit in China Ruby for a meal and you'll realize that most of the customers are regulars who have been going here for years and are on a first name basis with Tina.