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Jun 17, 2007 04:44 PM

Crawfish in North SD County?

I'm a Louisiana native, and I am always coming across fabulous recipes calling for crawfish. Of course, live ones are always best, but frozen tails will do. Back home, every grocery store has frozen crawfish tails in the freezer section... here in North San Diego County, well, I can't find them ANYWHERE.

Does any one have any idea what stores/markets carry frozen crawfish tails in this area? Even in San Diego?

Thanks a lot!

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  1. I've seen crawdads being sold at Pt. Loma Seafoods, but I don't know if they are fresh or fresh frozen. Ranch 99 sells big bags of crawdads in their freezer section, but unfortunately for you they're pre-seasoned...

    1. Try Mardi Gras market on Midway Drive - they have a lot of New Orleans foodstuffs.

      1. There's a new restaurant that opened up on Convoy St. (in the same shopping center as Yogurt World actually) that claims to specialize in crawfish. I haven't been there yet, but if you're interested I'll look it up next time I satisfy my yogurt cravings =)

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          Called Crab Hut- just posted menu/prices on Crab Hut thread...
          4646 Convoy

 what lil' injun referred to. I lived in N.O. for ten years, and they're the best substitute SD has for fresh crawfish. I went on opening day, and the music was intolerably loud, which I hope was an opening-day-only occurence. Good food with toned-down spices compared to N.O., and margarine on the corn instead of butter.
          Vien Dong Market III @ 6935 Linda Vista Rd sporadically has live crawfish if you boil your own. Kirk on mmm-yoso just reviewed them, post-renovation:

          1. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions!! I will check into these places. :-)