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Jun 17, 2007 04:37 PM

Cowboy Ciao Favorites?

Everything on the menu looks so tempting, I'm hoping to be steered in the direction of someone's absolute must-have item so I don't spend too long trying to decide on my own!. Thanks!

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  1. The chopped salad. Delicious! We also love the mushroom pan fry and the Mexican Pot de Creme dessert(this has a different name these days...Cuppa something or other).

    We've had several different things on the menu over the years and never been disappointed but these are the main must haves for us.

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      I have to agree with the chopped salad rec. I had heard about it before I went to Cowboy Ciao, but figured it probably was a lot of hype. But it wasn't. The chopped salad is delicious and amazing. I wasn't as impressed with the pan fry, but the pot de creme is to-die-for.

    2. We love to go there for lunch. The chopped salad bears mentioning again (great if you are looking for something on the lighter side), my husband's favorite is the duck and brie sandwich. The Testosterone Salad is good, the Quesadilla's (change daily) are a treat. And don't miss the Goatcheese Cheesecake.

      1. I've had most of the menu, over the years, but it HAS been awhile, unfortunately. However, the mushroom pan-fry and the Espresso Filet have been the standouts - the dishes that I recall most fondly of all.

        For dessert, I love their flourless chocolate torte. Years ago, we did a beer/ale tasting there, and it was paired with a Taddy Porter. I still use this, or similar, pairing even with my most ardent wino-buddies.


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          Ohhhh yessss, the mushroom pan fry is AMAZING!!! I also have had some great steaks/exotic meat dishes there.

          And the flourless choc torte is great, but the last time I was there, I swear it was off the menu - hopefully temporary! (it could have been on the menu but was a sad outing with non-choc eater and I was forced to waste precious calories on a non-choc dessert). :)

        2. I will be the dissenter on the chopped salad. I am burnt out on it, I guess. It's good to try, I just wish it weren't ordered every time we go there. And there, I should say, my favorite thing to do at Cowboy Ciao, other than just going with the tasting menu on Fridays, is to just order a bunch of plates and share them across the table. It's sad to go there and see someone eating something scrumptious and not get to explore that dish yourself.

          A little OT but there are many complaints about the noise level at Cowboy Ciao, and this is something I have never noticed. I typically dine there earlier, though, except for when we do the New Year's Eve prix fixe. If everyone else is right and the place is cacophonous, and that's not your thing, maybe try to get an earlier seating.

          I agree that the Mexican pot de creme (or cuppa' something, the new name) is really divine. I have never gone wrong with any of Tracy Dempsey's specials, though. At Ciao it's good to ask your server what's best and then lean that way -- they know food and wine.

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            We were there within the last month...sitting near the bar and the noise wasn't an issue at all. Admittedly it was 6:30 on a weeknight which is probably very different than 9PM on a Fri or Sat night. In the past I don't remember the noise being too bad but I don't think we've ever sat near the bar before this last visit so maybe that's why?

          2. i love the elk tostada's, and they used to have a butter bacon brioche sandwich in their appetizer rotation that, visit to the cardiologist aside, was a little bit o' heaven ;)

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              What a coincedence...My Mom just called...she made a reservation @ Cowboy Ciao tomorrow night for my Bday! Lucky Me.....
              If any Chowhound'ers are in the Vicinity....come on by and celebrate!!!