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Jun 17, 2007 04:16 PM

cafe at country-- a must NOT

extremely unimpressed visit. Pros- very nice space.... thats it. Horrible service---brunch took one hour to serve - granted it was a large party (8) but the place was empty and one dish was wrong when served and 2 other dishes didnt show up for another 25 minutes with no apology, ( when we asked they said just a minute and took another 20 minutes with no waiter in sight in between); coffee never refilled after waiting 15 minutes for it initially; water never refilled. Dishes when finally , arrived were small and mediocre and well overpriced (18 $$ ? for a mediocre burger, 4 small pancakes were 14, soup 12 bucks....). Only good food looked to be the staffs- feasting at the bar while we waited and waited and waited (during the first half hr of the wait we tried to order their brunch special bakery basket which somehow they were out of ). Will NEVER return and am kicking myself for leaving 15 percent tip

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Wow. HaHaHa... that was very angry. But $14 for pancakes? Sometimes I think restaurateurs and patrons should be smacked upside the head... the former for charging that much for flour, egg and milk (total food cost: $0.75); the latter for paying that much (no offense truly.) What we let some restaurants get away with these days is absurd. The common feeling among foodies that paying more for better food has kinda spilled over the top to the point of plain silliness. It's even boiling over into the outer boroughs now. I wish there were some way to stop it...

      But, getting back to the matter on hand. I've heard so many great things about Country, had a handful of friends giving good reviews, but that was quite a while ago. Perhaps their going through a heavy turnover in server/kitchen staff? I was looking to try this place out soon, but now I'm a bit wary... can anyone else confirm?

      Oh, and for service that bad, I don't mind walking out without leaving tip. If it was the kitchen's fault but the servers did as much as they could to compensate, then I leave a normal tip. I kick myself as well when I weaken and leave the "minimum" gratuity for bad service.

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        One visit, terrible service ( with attitude ), food average to slightly above ( except excellent french fries), large bill. not going back