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Jun 17, 2007 03:41 PM

La Rosetta

This Pantheon fish specialist comes highly recommended by the concierge at the de Russie. Anyone had the pleasure while in Rome? Also looking for one other Roman Restaurant in late July? Any thoughts for a Sunday night? Perhaps the Hotel Eden?

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  1. I am a minority, but not alone, in disliking La Rosetta, and I confess I haven't been in several years (at those prices, I don't go to places I disklike, of course). The quality of the raw materials and the cooking is excellent, no complaints in that quarter. I find the room too crowded and cramped, but it's the service that I really can't stand. One time a waiter parked a beer bottle on my table while he did something at another table. Another time, when I went with two other American women, I felt we were railroaded into having even more expensive things than we would have anyway. I also felt condescended to. For seafood, we usually leave town and go to Ostia or Anzio, but Al Presidente, near the Trevi Fountain, we like very much, and it's open on Sunday evening.
    I always liked the Eden but haven't been for years. On Sundays, besides Al Presidente, there is Al Ceppo, which we always find superb. The Mirabelle at the Hotel Splendide Royal is supposed to be great, but I've never been. Another good one on Sundays is Giuda Ballerino. It's in a sort of peripheral location, but it's an easy trip on the Metro A from Piazza di Spagna.
    La Rosetta is very good, and very famous, so a safe bet for a hotel concierge, who will always recommend conservatively (or worse). They are usually the last people to ask for advice on where to eat.

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      MBF thank you for your always helpful is such a treat to hear about food from such a knowledgable local. Have you by any chance sampled the seafood at Da Rodo in Nettuno? I had a wonderful and inexpensive lunch there a few years ago based on the recommendation in Fred Plotkin's book. I am not sure if they are open on Sundays but it is an easy trip on the train from Termini..

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        Nope, never been, but I'll keep it in mind. We're always eager to find places you don't need a car to reach. And thank you for the encouraging words.

    2. We ahve always had stunningly good seafood there at stunningly high prices. Yet most trips to Roma we go. I know MBF doesn't like the service but we have always had great service there. Nice wines, especially the Friuli whites which are what I always drink (although I now am as partial to Alto Adige and I don't remember if they ahd a goodd selection or not). Great cart full of after dinner drinks including small batch singlemalts of distinction at incredibly good prices.

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        It is possible they've improved in the years since I was last there. They certainly must be doing something right in that they are always full. But when I think of the beautiful lunch we had Saturday at Pierino in Anzio, and then I think of that dark, crowded room at La Rosetta, well, it's no contest. I do think if you live here, you don't always like the same places as people who come for a few days at a time.

      2. I'm a chef and I specialize in seafood. I had one of the best meals of my life at La Rosetta. I ate there for 4 hours one night. It is pricey and enough so to detract from the greatness of the place but I would recommend this restaurant to anyone. The best is going out for a smoke between courses and seeing the pantheon lit up right in front of you.