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Jun 17, 2007 03:04 PM

NYC Vacay: Need a great place for Dinner!


We are heading to NYC this coming weekend (June 22) for a few days, and on Friday night we would like to do a nice, moderately priced dinner. We would like a menu with a wide variety. We've have all been to NYC before, but we want something "uniquely New York", if thats possible? :)

Priced around 50-60/per person please! There are 4 of us.

Thanks a million!

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  1. Wow. We are going to need more to go on than that. Most restaurants in New York have a variety in terms of fish, meat, seafood, but very few restaurants I like have expansive menus - the best places specialize in a type of cuisine. Start off with where you are from, and any food aversions/allergies, and what you've tried already.

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      We are from Philly and Pittsburgh, looking for a nice big menu with lots of choices. Love a good filet, as well as salmon, and chicken. So I guess American Nouveau would sound like our tastes? A menu that encompasses those tastes would be great, as well as a nice big wine list...

      We are just looking for a nice place to get a bit dressed up for (but still able for the guys to wear jeans), and have a great meal!

      Thanks again!

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        In my neighborhood (Chelsea) I'd recommend either the Red Cat or Cookshop. I don't think of these as uniquely ny, but they're good restaurants. Also, a bit further down tenth ave. is la luncheonette, where the service from the owners does render it somewhat unique......good for you that there's too much to choose from here. Explore and enjoy.

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          Thanks for your suggestions!

          We found a place in Greenwich Village: Garage Restaurant and Cafe. Has everything we love: Jazz, Steak, Fish, Pasta, Chicken.

          Anyone ever been there?

          1. re: LAT1227

            Never heard of it or been there either. I'm more of an East Village (EV), Lower East Side (LES), downtown girl.

            1. re: LAT1227

              I ate there a few years ago and the food was disgusting. It's more like a chain restaurant in NYC than a true NY restaurant, if that makes sense. I'd go with Red Cat or La Luncheonette. Or maybe Keen's Steakhouse?

      2. For Jazz, steak, fish and pasta plus a very New York feel I would recomend Knickerbocker on University and ninth.

        1. Keens, mentioned by JennS, definitely has unique atmospherics. It's been in its 36th St. location (b/t 5th & 6th Avs.) since 1885. So, in addition to delicious steaks, chops, fish, etc., there is unmatchable old NY ambiance, i.e., walls filled with memorabilia and rows of old clay smoking pipes suspended from all the ceilings. If you want to sit in the main dining room, you will probably have to stretch your budget; however, since portions are sizable, you could split things + sides are served family-style. There is also the option of the smaller, cozy, and less expensive Pub Room.

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