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Jun 17, 2007 02:55 PM

Wine pairing

I am going to a French restaurant next week and they offer wine pairing at an additional "per person" charge with the various courses of food. I am not a wine drinker - I usually don't drink more then a small glass and my wife likes an occasional glass with food. Do restaurants usually give you a full glass of wine with each course, or just a small taste? Do you think restaurants would frown on us if just one of us orderd the wine pairing and shared it with the other - like if I would just take a sip here and there to try her's?

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  1. This policy varies by restaurant. Alot of venues require everyone at the table to be under the same "plan"...

    But here's a way to accomplish the same thing. instead of ordering the pairings, just one of you order a few appropriate wines by the glass... then share them. Or you each order a glass or two of various wines and share them.

    1. I don't see why the restaurant would have a problem with ordering one meal with the wine pairings and sharing the glass. I've seen it done here in DC and nobody had a problem with it.

      1. In about all instances of "wine pairings," that I have experienced, and this is around the globe, the quantities are about ⅓ to ½ glass of wine. When done well, the pairings can be excellent, and one is not obligated to drink all of each pour.

        Since I often am dining with just my wife, choosing the quintessential bottle for all of our courses is tough. Half-bottles help, but I always opt for the "sommelier's pairing," especially as they know what is coming out of the kitchen and how the chef is treating it.

        If the pairings are as good as many, that I have experienced, you might get introduced to food w/ wines that pair perfectly, and each add something to the mix. Do not be amazed, if you develop a new love for wine, from a well-done pairing.