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Jun 17, 2007 02:46 PM

XP: New Dishes at Maggiano's

We went to the new Maggiano's in Orlando the other night. We have always loved Maggiano's, and are thrilled that we finally got one. They have some new menu items worth checking out. I debated the new lobster ravioli w/lobster sauce, and the braised beef canneloni w/asiago and parmesan.

I find lobster ravioli in many places, so I went with the braised beef canneloni, which I have never seen anywhere else. It was out of this world! It was possibly better than my long time favorite meals ever - osso bucco w/mushroom risotto at Red Square in Las Vegas, and stuffed quail entree w/frog leg appetizer at the Montreal casino's 5 star restaurant (I forget the name).

One caveat, some people would probably find the beef canneloni too salty. I love salt, so this was a plus for me.

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