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Jun 17, 2007 02:00 PM

Sunday late eating in Montreal

Hi, I have to pick up a colleague from the airport tonight, and I realized that we probably won't be able to hit a restaurant before the 10pm deadline. Any suggestions in the downtown/lower plateau area if possible? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Of course there are the frequently mentioned Plateau bistros: L’Express, Lemeac, Chez Leveque 514-279-7355 – better check on the latter I am not 100% sure. These may be a bit farther away than you prefer.

    Justine, Bistro à vin 4517, rue St-Denis Tel: 514 287-2552 -- I think they are open to midnight but better call.

    Downtown core:

    Alexandre's (1554 Peel) serves some food until 2 am – I am not sure how much of their menu is available late but at a minimum their terrace menu is. Tél. 514.288.5105

    Depends on how desperate you are or what sort of ambience, but Pino’s keeps their kitchen open pretty late: Pino’s Crescent & de Maisonneuve; 514-289-1930.

    There is probably "pub grub" available late in that area as well.

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      Chez Lévêque closes at midnight. Hard to recco going there when Leméac's just across the street (better food and open later).

      Definitely in the FWIW department, the Frite Alors franchise on the corner of Rachel and Rivard (or is it Berri?) just east of St-Denis has begun staying open till 4:30 a.m. on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. This is a seasonal thing, from May 1 to September 31, if I recall correctly. Too bad it isn't the far superior original store on Parc or the almost as good franchise on Laurier East.

    2. Lemeac has a great after 10pm special that has been discussed a lot on the boards.

      1. Better late than ever, I just wanted to point out that we ended up going to L’Express, they were very accomodating and had a very nice experience... Lemeac could have been a good option, but we had already booked it for the following day's dinner (and it was awesome for what I heard).

        Thanks for the suggestions!

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          how nice of you to follow up on your thread, I'm glad you enjoyed the 2 places !!

        2. well there is always Amigos in chinatown that is always open up late.. their pork chop all dressed is wonderful. Van Roys is also open but i really suggest Amigos