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Jun 17, 2007 01:37 PM

Need Recommendations for the Bryson City/Murphy/Hayesville NC and Ocoee, TN areas

Going WW rafting in this area next month. Any recommendations for good chow?

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  1. Shoebooties is good, nice menu and popular amongst visitors. I usually go there for lunch, a sandwich with a side is 6.00 plus a drink. The lunches aren't huge but the food is good.

    Doyle's Cedar Hill gets good reviews though I've never eaten there. I've been trying to but I usually am heading back home (Asheville) when dinner hits (I have a remote office I tend to in Murphy).

    The Sweet Tooth (down from Doyle's) is good if you're in need of an ice cream fix.

    There is a Mexican restaurant west of Murphy...go past Murphy "proper", cross the bridge, it's down on the left a bit. The name escapes me but the food was good and the people were nice.

    If you want beer with your meal buy it before you hit town as they don't sell it there. Wine, yes, but no beer. Most places allow brown bagging, call before you arrive to confirm if this is the case. I was there working for a few days, went in to the supermarket and asked where the beer'd think I was Bin Laden from the looks I got. :)

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    1. The Frymonte Inn ( in Bryson City is a must experience. Everything is fantastic, but the trout is superb.