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Jun 17, 2007 01:13 PM

Chinese BBQ on the Westside

Hello, is there anywhere on the Westside where I can find a complete range of Chinese barbeque, not just roast duck, but crispy skinned pork, red sausages, intestines, and duck feet? Even better if it were all hanging in full view of the restaurant window. These cravings for Chinese BBQ always overpower me to drive eastward to Chinatown.

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  1. Possibly at Hop Woo's on Olympic and Sepulveda (in a strip mall). Not sure about the sausages, nor intestines, but they do have the ducks hanging in the deli. They also have suckling pig, if ordered a day in advance, if memory serves.

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      Just got take-out from Hop Woo yesterday. Didn't have the duck, but the dishes we had were decent. Scallops in black bean sauce were tender and fresh, but would have preferred a higher scallop-to-glop ratio. They DID have ducks hanging in the deli. A whole duck is $17 I think, and whole pigs were $150 (suckling) or $185. Presumably, one could order a lesser quantity of pork, but I did not inquire.