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Jun 17, 2007 12:55 PM

Making gelato with non-dairy milk?

Hubby is lactose intolerant but enjoys ice cream/gelatos. Is it possible to make good home-made ice cream/gelatos with non-dairy milk options (rice, soy, hazelnut, almond, etc)? Any advice or recommendations would be much appreciated.

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  1. If you cannot find a recipe --- by all means try my favorite soy ice cream called Soy Delicious. It is made by Turtle Mountain. I buy it at our local Whole Foods.
    My favorite flavor is Pistachio Almond. This tastes like full fat ice cream, but has no dairy and no sugar. It is the most delicious ice cream! Really. He will not miss the real thing. Here is their website:
    You can search on their website where you will be able to buy it locally in your area.

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      I think socalqtpi is looking for recipes. It does sound good though!

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        I am looking for recommendations like flourless provided to determine which non-dairy substitutes recreate the correct textures and which do not.

        Thanks also to choctastic for the recipe. I'll keep you guys posted on my results :)

    2. Coconut milk works wonderfully for dairy free ice cream. You can use a cooked custard recipe or a non-cooked recipe. Light coconut milk (or about 50/50 water and regular coconut milk) works fine too. I just used nomal dairy recipes and subbed in the coconut milk. It does add a slight coconut flavor (less so if you use half water), but it's pretty easy to work with the flavor.

      Rice and soy milk tend to get grainy IME, but you might have good luck with almond or hazelnut.

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        i use a coconut cream and do a custard method - I find its got the best mouth feel and taste as long as u like coconut. Ive made cocnut chocolate - coconut ginger caramel, coconut vanailla bean. Quite happy with the results. Other "milks" get too icy for me. not enought fat

      2. Here's the working recipe for peanut butter chocolate soy ice cream. I still can’t seem to make a proper custard so I cheat and add a tablespoon of cornstarch to the soy creamer and cook until the cornstarch thickens. Perhaps I’ll just get rid of the eggs and use cornstarch exclusively. I think you can probably use some kind of soy milk for the creamer since the peanut butter has fat. I just had creamer on hand that day.

        3 large egg yolks (4 medium) (150 calories)
        ½ cup sugar.(380 calories)
        1 pint soy creamer (480 calories)
        pinch salt
        3 square bittersweet (70%) chocolate, chopped
        1/3-1/2 cup creamy Jif-like peanut butter.
        1 tsp vanilla

        Beat sugar and egg yolks together in large pan until thick and light yellow.
        Mix a little soy creamer with the cornstarch and set aside.
        Heat rest of soy creamer in microwave w/ salt, chocolate, peanut butter until hot and chocolate melted.
        Add cornstarch solution and stir well.
        Mix a little hot soy creamer into eggs stirring constantly. Keep adding slowly until all is incorporated.
        Cook for 5 min over medium heat stirring constantly until mixture coats back of spoon (looks like latex paint)
        Add vanilla.
        Cool in fridge overnight. Freeze in ice cream maker according to manufacturer’s directions.

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          Oh yeah i forgot to mention that I've tried some other recipes for soy ice cream. I tried the tofu ice cream here but it wasn't as rich as I wanted even though the "custard" I made was gloriously sweet and creamy. Also, others complained that they could taste the silken tofu I used.

          I'd be interested in hearing what you end up making.

        2. This is a good rich ice cream recipe using coconut milk, no beany soy flavor -

          Since it is vanilla, you can dress it up with other flavors!

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            We've tried lactaid and coconut cream. It worked pretty well but wasn't as rich as I would have liked.

          2. Does he not tolerate lactose free milk?