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Jun 17, 2007 12:46 PM

Tratoria L'Incontro

Going there for dinner. Any suggestions to order or avoid?

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  1. If they have it, the Rabbit Ragu is exceptional. Any fresh pasta is also highly recommended, ravioli etc. Also, be sure to get the grilled octopus appetizer, otherwise just get whatever special sounds good to you.

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      Just went there again with 6 people this past weekend-- get the zuppa di pesche, their steak is good, and it is organic. we also got a pasta with mascarpone sausage tomato-- house made rigatoni.... their branzino in the oven is great-- oh-- and for starters we got an arugula salad with goat cheese ricotta--excellent-- the only thing off the menu we got was a grilled escarole--- VERY good.enjoy!-- dont bother with the menu-- but look out for their notoriously long recited specials list.

    2. Tried it last night. Good italian. 4 people. 2 grilled escarole with white beans,rosemary, olive oil, lemon. Very nice combination and interesting presentation. All agreed it could've used a little more acid kick like squeezing lemon instead of just thin slices. Pasta with tomato and basil. Very Tasty, but thick like paste. Fettucine Rocco..Shrimp, marscapone, and leeks. A poem of fresh delicious ingredients. Not too rich Not swimming in sauce. Shrimp and cheese can get along. Grilled Branzino. Tasty but somewhat overcooked. Helped by an oil sauce on the side. Branzino with orange, ginger and Grand Marnier. Fancy scmanttzy with no real identity. save sweet and sour fish for szecuan chinese. Shrimp stuffed with crabmeat. Butterfly with shells on the bottom, breadcrumbs on top very nice with broccoli rabe and a mashed puree of potato and cauliflower. Other tables were enjoying Osso bucco with marrow fork. Looked fall apart tender and delish. Worth a try..will return and report to my beloved fellow hounds.