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Jun 17, 2007 12:38 PM

Want good mexican? Don't go to Mexitaco

Had possibly the worst tacos ever there. The carnitas seemed to have been bathing in salt, steak tacos were flavorless, and the corn tortillas were nice and soft in the middle and hard as rock nearing the edges, fresh from the freezer via the microwave.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. i find that place also very expensive..... mexican food is "peasant food" it should not cost $70 for 2 people to have dinner.. Try banditos at king and spadina. cheep eats, awesome lunch and very tasty.. get the owner to bring you some of his mango hot sauce. the Chimichangas are amazing, also the deep fried bananas with ice cream make for an awesome dessert.

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        NO idea on Mexitaco, but Porkmaster, Mexican food is NOT 'peasant food'. There are some amazing restaurants in Mexico that are not cheap and not geared to peasant food.

        1. re: SusanB

          I know what you are saying SusanB .. but 2 oz of overcooked chicken and some beans in rice in my eyes is peasant food.. I Love simple "peasant food" and eat it all the time, not everything needs to be foi gras and truffles. my fav "peasant food" is currently corn beef house.. simple FRESH ingredients. chowtastic.

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            where the hell can i get horchata in toronto?

            1. re: YYZ2LAX

              Try La Jungla on Dufferin. Also might find some in Kensington Market.

      2. Hmmm. maybe an off night? everytime i've been, the food has been on point.

        Although, one of my new faves is El Jacal on Bloor and Havelock. WOW.

        Porkmaster, every "peasant food" in toronto is going to cost a bit more (read Jamaican food, Indian food, mexican, etc.) simply because the ingredients that make it inexpensive back home, are costly to import here. It's simply a matter of logistics.

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          When was Indian food classified as "peasant food"?

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          1. Mexico like all countries has what is called ‘peasant foods’, which are dishes that are made and eaten by the countries poor. I’m not too familiar with Mexican cuisine, but like most countries there are class divisions, and Mexico has its poor, rich and I assume some in between. If I understand correctly, peasant food is that which the poor people of a country eat. Since Canada (Sheppard’s pie), France (Cassoulet), Mexico, India, and for that matter all countries have poor people, most if not all countries should have some form of peasant food. Since these countries have class divisions, they all also have grand cuisine.
            To classify any country as just peasant food would be considered a mistake at the very least; maybe even, dare I say, it sounds a little prejudice. Porkmaster and goodcookiedrift may I suggest and look up what peasant food means.
            One Mexican restaurant that I enjoy a great deal is Milagro, only been a few times but I really thought the food was great! It isn’t peasant food by any means.

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            1. re: Pastryrocks

              Well said!

              P.S. I like the usage of Wiki :-D