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Jun 17, 2007 12:27 PM

After movie dining near Landmark theater?

Anyone online with a suggestion???

We are heading out to the Landmark Theater in the Westside Pavilion for a matinee. Would like any ideas for a nice, simple dinner afterward...casual.

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  1. Shamshiri Grill has been one of the best recommendations I've received off this board. (To get there from Westside Pav, take Westwood north, it's on the East side of the street about a half mile down).

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    1. pastina or pomodoro-both on Westwood Blvd.
      La Serenada-Mexican Seafood on Pico, walking distance.
      Islands-Pico and Veteran
      Louise's-Pico just East of Overland

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        Three Italian restaurants, one Brazilian, and one Chinese. Maria's Italian Kitchen on Pico two blocks E. of Westwood and Matteo's Hoboken on Westwood a block north of Pico are both moderately priced and good. Pastina, three blocks N. on Westwood is a bit more upscale - but worth it. The new Brazilian restauarnt, Bossa Nova Grill is three blocks West on Pico and it's next to Hop Li - excellent Chinese Seafood. Avoid both Chili Thai, directly across the street from the theaters and Bourbon St. just west. Truly mediocre. Also both Indian restaurants on the N and S sides of Pico are good as is Gyu-Kaku Japanese grill - you grill your own food at the table.


      2. Shamshiri is just a bit north of Santa Monica Blvd. on the east side of Westwood Blvd. Generous portions of chicken shawarma or seasoned ground beef skewars, with huge mounds of rice, hummus, and shirazi cucumber salad. Sunnin is a more casual Lebanese competitor across the street. Nook Bistro, on Santa Monica Blvd. tucked in the minimall at Barry, stops taking reservations about 8:30 so can take walk-ins after 9. Philly West, a divy bar on the east side of Westwood just south of the strip mall south of Santa Monica Blvd, has excellent cheesesteaks and burgers. Eduardo's in that strip mall has fans on this board for carne asada tacos and burritos. Zankou is nearby on Sepulveda just south of Santa Monica Blvd.

        1. The Apple Pan is just across the street. Very good burgers and excellent pies! Booth and counter eating, so it is low key and good prices. About the same cost as Fatburger.
          My Burger Favorites for LA:
          1. Fathers Office
          2. Apple Pan
          3. Fatburger