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Jun 17, 2007 11:20 AM

Six Tables in Mount Pleasant

Son wants to try Six Tables in Mount Pleasant for his birthday ... it's a he and I event since GF is a difficult eater. Read Jeff Allen's review in City Paper (some of them are a bit odd so not sure I'm all that trusting of his reporting), so has anyone been?

It's certainly an extravagance, but he apparently would rather have an unforgettable meal than new shoes, a garden hose, etc. Every few years, we do manage one of those memorable events, so wanted to make sure this would be one of them. Your chowish input appreciated!

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  1. I'm sorry I haven't been, nor do I know anyone who has so I am afraid I can't be much help. If you decide to go will you please post, it is on my to eat list.

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    1. re: lizzy

      I am anxious for replies as well. You are correct that the reviews have been very ambiguous.

      1. re: charlestonfoodiegal

        Got cold feet ... that's a lot to spend, and then I realized it is part of a "concept" with "branches" in other locations. The parent website also doesn't give a chef bio for Mount Pleasant any more, so opted to tank that one in favor of A Culinary Art Company. Will report on that ... initial impression from talking with the chef who answered the phone when making reservation is that at least we won't be bored!

        1. re: birgator

          Wow! I had no idea Six Tables was a "concept" instead of an individually owned restaurant. Thanks for the info. I am anxiously awaiting your report on A Culinary Art Company. I've never been, but I was thinking it might be a good place to go when my sister is in town.

          1. re: lizzy

            Six Tables is a small chain. The chef just left to work with the former chef from Rue de Jean at his new restaurant, The Fat Hen, on Johns Island. In spite of it being a chain I would love to try Six Tables but, I think that there are other restaurants of that caliber higher up on my list. There have been good posts about A Culinary Art Company. I think that it has moved up on my list.

            1. re: CharlestonChow

              Yes, move it up. Culinary Art Company in Mount Pleasant is a keeper.

              A memorable food and wine evening, an unforgettable meal (well, suffice it to say the two of us each had a glass of red, and split two bottles of white, so confess I'm a little fuzzy on the last dish...). A three hour event, unrushed, adventuresome, unpretentious, uncrowded, fitting "global" music that added, not distracted from the ostrich, the rabbit, the kangaroo creations (not all they have, just what we were in the mood for trying). Wine list is short but intelligent and with what appears to be modest markups.

              Strip mall on access road off Rt. 17 in Mt. Pleasant, long narrow space, communal high top in the center, booths with lit up aquarium bottoms as tables, invitation to check the kitchen and chat with Irish chef, excellent attentive service from chef's wife. It was in the French auberge tradition in the best sense of the word.

              This is now our new favorite place in Charleston. Generous plates are probably tapas size, but bigger and range from $9-16 each. We ordered four to share which was plenty (and we're big people both of us) -- we could have eaten all night if we would have had room.

              Stellar French picnic -- the absolute best charcuterie/terrine plate I've eaten in my entire life. Gator bite, rabbit mousse, pork mousse, duck breast carpaccio, marinated white anchovies, two types of terrine, exquisite whole grain home made mustard, a dropper of truffle oil, grapemust mustard (unappealing by itself, a stroke of genius on the terrine), capers, plus grilled rye/pumpernickel toast points. We seriously though about ordering another one. $14.

              Ostrich bruschetta: Grilled plump flavorbursting cherry tomatoes with garlic, queso fondido, toasted baguette with half dozen 1/4" slices rare ostrich. Queso lifted this one from delicious to sublime. $16.

              Grilled BBQ rabbit. Chocolate adobe poached, which came through as complex, dark, outstanding. Portabella fries (in panko I think) worked perfectly with the meat, and on the side, a cup of fried cheese with something citrusy/tomato-ish fresh salsa inside to balance the fried and leave a bright note. Lovely. $10.

              Apple injected kangaroo, rabbit liver mousse, button mushroom duxelles along with goat cheese and squash in a phyllo pastry shell. Divine. $15.

              Open Tuesday-Saturday from 5:30. We probably should have tried some of the fish dishes to break up the wild things but that's for next time. Consider this place a chow-ish find.

              1. re: birgator

                Wow! That sounds spectacular. It looks, from your description, that you can have a really enjoyable meal for under $75. Thanks for the detailed report.

                1. re: birgator

                  Thanks for posting. It sounds wonderful, I think I will have to take my sister when she comes into town.

                  1. re: lizzy

                    Glad you had a nice time! I'm still interested in Six Tables, I would love to hear a first hand account from anyone's who's dined there. Thanks.

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