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Jun 17, 2007 11:19 AM

Blast from the past: tomato-flavoured vinaigrette

A loooong time ago, as a child, I was taken to George's Spaghetti House once in a while. What prompts my question[s] to follow is this: their [I guess] house salad contained lots of fresh ricotta and a tomato-based vinaigrette that was slightly sweet.

Having gone to International Cheese on Hirons, I just bought some fresh ricotta and I am hopelessly craving that strange vinaigrette--it worked brilliantly with the ricotta, I swear.

Would anyone remember that vinaigrette or anything similar? Any recipes [wrong thread maybe]?

There existed at the long-gone Round Window Greek resto on the Danforth a seafood extravaganza dish with a somewhat similar tomato/sweet sauce.

About once a year, I get a craving for the flavour combination described, and googling yielded nothing so even a shared memory would be soothing.

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  1. Things I love about Epicurious... Plug in what you have in the fridge. Out comes things to do with them.

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    1. re: Googs

      Thanks for the link -- some good things there, but the "flavour profile" [excuse the pretention] I recall is still elusive.

      I tried some less elevated indexes like all, but they tend to offer vinaigrettes that start with tomato soup, and those are (a) too disgusting to contemplate, and (b) would miss the acidic/sweetness balance this stuff had.

      What I remember is a dressing that, if it were highly commercialized/chemicalized/crapped up, would be sorta like Kraft Catalina. But only sorta -- it had a clean tomato taste, with only slight sweetness.

      Time to experiment, I guess.

    2. Scheffler's Deli in St. Lawrence Market has a tomato vinegar for sale. Which struck me as odd until I saw your post. But I think that would do it . . .