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Jun 17, 2007 11:17 AM

emerald isle soft shell crab

it's been about three years since I was in EI, and i've been reading the posts to find out about any great new places or old standbys to try or avoid. so thanks everyone for the tips!

last time i was there we found a great, cheap, unassuming place to have softshell crab sandwhiches. I think it was just on one of the main roads around EI. We asked one of the guys at the fish place near the bridge for a rec and that got us there.

Does anybody know the place i'm talking about or have suggestions of where to find good not too expensive soft shell crab?

Born to Eat

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  1. Not familiar with the place you're seeking, although I'd love to be. My suggestion is to stop in at a local place, like Willis' Seafood & ask them. Certainly they'd know & could help you. If you find it, please let us know... we're headed back down to EI in about 2 weeks.