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Jun 17, 2007 11:10 AM

raleigh/triangle hounds help me find my brain!

So i recently had a baby and ever since then my memory for detail (even food detail!) has escaped me. So please help me out...

A couple years ago I was in the Triangle and stumbled into a great middle eastern place. Here's what i remember - it was either in durham or chapel hill on a main restaurant row not far from a college (maybe duke????). Great looking place - dark walls, beautiful bar - they had belgian beer on tap. Large menu and the food was fabulous. I think it might have been somewhat near a Caribou Coffee though maybe i'm mixing that up in my head.

sigh. i used to be able to recreate info like this in my head, honest.

We're heading back to the Triangle for a couple days before heading to the beach and i wanted to stop in again. If this rings any bells for you, please let me know.

Born to Eat

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  1. Do you mean Tallula's on Franklin St, in Chapel Hill?

    1. I'm also going to guess Talullah's. It's Turkish(ish), on West Franklin, near UNC-CH. Can't think of anything similar in Durham.

      1. Perhaps you're thinking of the now defunct Bakus on Ninth St.? They offered tapas and wine, had a beautiful wood bar, and sheer linens hanging from the ceiling.

        1. BorntoEat, Totally normal for your brain to go to mush for a little while after having a baby, never fear!

          I agree with others ... I think you're thinking of Tallula's.

          1. Thanks everyone! I'll have a Stella Artois in your honor!