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Jun 17, 2007 11:04 AM

Good Italian Sandwich

When I lived in Philly after college I fell in love with true Italian hoagies -- provolone, prosciutto, capicola, ham, salami, roates red peppers, the works...

But after living in Chicago for 7 years now I have found only a couple places here that really deliver - Capt. Nemo's on Ashland and Eatzi's in the Century Mall at Clark and Diversey.

Any suggestions, especially downtown?

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    1. re: juan epstein

      Never heard of it, looked it up on metromix and don't see it... what is the address?

    2. Bari's is great. There are some other places in that neighborhood that are good, too (Damato's sandwich shop).

      Also, on Taylor, east of Western are some good sandwiches, too.

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      1. re: rubinow

        Bari's is the best. If you work in the loop, Fontino's and Mangino's are both good too.

      2. Highest quality ingredents, most pleasant surroundings:

        I prefer the 30 E Huron location, but the ingredentst are the same at all three

        1. I've been wondering that too. I grew up in New England, where every corner store sold "Italian sandwiches" that were made with prosciutto, spicy ham, salami, provolone, fresh chopped onion, tomato, and green pepper, and topped with olive oil and pepper. Back in the 60s, they all had fresh-made small ones on a hot dog bun, then large ones on a real hoagie roll.

          Eatzi's has a decent version, but back when they first opened in Dallas, their sandwiches were pure amazing. I used to go there on business a lot, and I'd stop on the way back to the airport to pick up a couple, one for the flight, one for the next day. They've cut back on the quality, IMO. Glad you asked the question; I'll have to check out Bari's.

          1. Bari is excellent. I would also recommend Gino's Italian Imports on Harlem. Nowhere near downtown, but an excellent stop for picking up all things Italian. If you give the counter guy a roll, he'll make you an excellent sandwich. I'm fond of the hot sopressa w/ the genoa salmi and smozed mozeralla - toped w/ a little of their olive salad oil, a couple of slices of roasted red pepper, or a marinated artichoke heart or two, and you're off. I buy my romano and parmesan here too.

            Next door is Pasta Fresh, Antonio makes amazing pastas. Several high-end Italian restaurants use his product. Shhh.

            3422 N. Harlem