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Jun 17, 2007 10:44 AM

Madison, WI

Hi all -

I'll be at a conference in Madison, WI later this week. Was wondering if anyone knew about the kosher food situation there. I assume restaurants are out of the question, but can you get things like kosher meat in a supermarket? Any info of this sort would be appreciated...


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  1. Greenbush bakery in certified by the Conservative Rabbi and has doughnuts and the local favorite pastry, kringle. Trader Joes on Monroe Street (close to campus and downtown) carries fresh kosher meat and Sentry at Hilldale (about 2 miles west of campus) carries frozen meat, and some cheese, chummus, deli, etc. Will you have a car?

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      Thanks! Unfortunately, no car, so walking distance from campus and/or the convention center would be best.

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        Which convention center? Both Trader Joes and Sentry are on bus lines, too.

        1. re: GrillNextDoor

          Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center

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            I don't know how you feel about cheese, but the Farmer's Market will be right outside Monona Terrace (on MLK st) on Wednesday morning. Plenty of bread, cheese and veggies. If you eat cheese, try the spicy cheese bread from the bakery stand about halfway up the left side of the street (coming from Monona Terrace). Unbelievable!

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              Planning on going to the Farmers Mkt on 7/14......any other recommendations while there?

    2. Try calling the Hillel, on Langdon St.. Someone will be there during the day. They'll point you in the right direction in the campus area. For decades, they have had a kosher kitchen on campus. Sentry usually has kosher food (in general). I do know there's a small community of kosher in Madison.

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        i was at convention some three years ago (it was the distance education one) and I saw that the convention provided kosher meals to people who preregisterted. AS far a I remeber Hillel is closed for the summer. If their are going to be a large number of frum people their, you should call the chabad guy he would probobly organize meals and minyanim

        PS Madison is an unbeliebibly cool town